The Importance of Content Moderation and Why You Need It

    If your business operates online or focuses heavily on having an online presence, you’ve probably heard the term “Content is king” way too many times by now. Yes, content is important and it’s also getting increasingly difficult to produce informative, useful and original content these days with the number of online content increasing rapidly every second. So when user-generated content (UGC) became more popular, many saw it as godsend as it meant that platforms could publish content at a much faster rate and receive more views from the public. However, this convenience came with a price.

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  • Perks of Flexible Outsourcing

    The Perks of Flexible Outsourcing

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    Love Your Job, Innovate the Way You Work

    The idea of “going to work” can often carry a negative connotation. When someone says they have to work, it usually brings up images of sitting in front of a computer…

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    Introducing Supahands Workplace

    At Supahands, communication is literally our key to scale. Our primary operations rely heavily on the communication between project managers and our fleet of SupaAgents (on-demand workers), to ensure all project…

  • Easy Steps to an Effective Data-Driven Approach

    Easy Steps to an Effective Data-Driven Approach

    “Data-driven” means decisions/actions that are driven by data. In other words, a person can use a set of acquired data as evidence to aid in his/her decision-making process, instead of relying…

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    Easy Printing with Gogoprint!

    Make no mistake: the recent digital revolution hasn’t made print media any less important. Studies have shown that marketing campaigns that you can physically touch are more memorable and last longer…