Top 5 Consumer Trends To Leverage On For 2017

In order to fulfil demands that are arising out of evolving consumption patterns, businesses will need to customise their offerings. This is vital if you want to become more relevant in the market. Hence, we have gathered some infos based on Ericsson, Euromonitor International and Trend Watching’s recent studies, to keep yourself abreast with the trends. Here is the top 5 consumer trends that we feel should be highlighted and capitalised on for 2017.


#1 Mobile-first Lifestyle

Mobile-first Lifestyle

In case you didn’t notice, many things are now made accessible via smart mobile phones  – banks, healthcare, groceries and more. For many of these owners, their smartphones are never out of reach.

Based on Euromonitor International’s survey, 58% of consumers in 2016 turn to their phones for at least five separate activities each day, compared with 34% in 2015. It can be seen that this growing reliance on mobile technology is changing the way smartphone users across all generations interact with brands and companies.


#2 Spend Money To Save Time

Save Time

In today’s market, more and more consumers feel the need to make the most out of every moment and are constantly looking for ways to simplify their lives. There are many apps that offers services that enable consumers to save time i.e. food delivery, online shopping, virtual personal assistant and outsourcing tasks. It is said that opportunities for consumers to buy time will continue to expand into more areas of life in the coming years.

At Supahands, we aim to do the same as well – to simplify businesses’ processes by assisting them in their work i.e. data mining, content moderation and sales support, so that they can focus on things that matters.


#3 Concern for the Community

Concern for the Community

According to Trend Watch, 2016 witnessed a lot of predicaments that are tearing the world apart – From immigration, job automation, depressed wages, a deeply uneven recovery from the Great Recession, generational and racial divides, terrorism fears, the ongoing refugee crisis and the list goes on.

Many brands are trying find a way to bring people together and promote positivity. Copenhagen-based travel website Momondo, is one of them. In June 2016, it posted a video that highlighted the hidden racial diversity that exists in all individuals. You can do this too, it only requires deep thinking on what can build bridges between people and culture.


#4 Smart Living

Smart Living

Consumers are slowly adapting to the Internet of Things (IoT), while the concept is gradually evolving. It can be seen that many already have apps on their smartphones that remotely control media playback, house alarms and even unlock cars.

To add, more companies such as Panasonic and Schneider, are identifying and offering novel solutions that promote optimum utilisation of energy via IoT. For example, inventing a home energy management system that allows consumers to track temperature inside their homes as well as outside.

Based on Ericsson’s study, two in five advanced internet users believe that phones will soon learn what we do and perform activities for us automatically. The concept is revolutionary and promising, but it still needs to brace itself for multiple issues like technical hurdle and security.


#5 Customising Personal Reality

Augmented Reality

When augmented reality (AR) was first introduced in early 2016, not many knew what it was or try it out. However, it became the talk of the whole world after the launch of Pokémon GO. The story of Pokémon GO is proof that that a new technology can become mainstream overnight. Not stopping there, Snapchat is also experimenting on AR and is planning on bringing it to the masses.

Ericsson added that consumers are looking forward to use that same technology to customise their very experience of reality. According to the survey, around two in five want to change the way their surroundings look and even how people appear to them.


So, there you go – the top 5 consumer trends for 2017. We hope with this info, you’re able to angle your business’ direction better.

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