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Our First SupaAgent of the Month Anniversary!

As the final Wednesday of the month rolls out, it’s always an exciting time for us at Supahands to announce our SupaAgent of the Month and post up an article about them on our blog – but this month is a bit different. Our SupaAgent veterans might already have an inkling, but for our newer additions to our SupaFam, perhaps it’s time to bring those purple Sharpies out and mark your calendars because our SupaAgent of the Month initiative turns one year old today! Continue Reading


SupaDiligent Ruby– SupaAgent of the Month (March 2018)

Our SupaAgent of the month greets us all the way from Batangas, a magnetic province in Philippines that many tourists frequent during their summer vacations. One can unwind in its tranquil beaches, discover a rich cultural heritage, or even seek adventure near the active Taal Volcano!

SupaAgent Ruby is a diligent and high-spirited mother with a quirky sense of humor. Alongside a supportive partner of 10 years, Daryl, or ‘Pag-ibig’ as she calls him,  she currently cares for a 6 year old boy and a 2 year old girl, Heineken and Hennessy – named after our couple’s favourite drinks from their youthful days!

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