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SupaModest Jerwin – SupaAgent of the Month (February 2018)

Our SupaAgent of the month resides in Quezon City, the largest city in the Philippines by area and population, even heralded as the country’s capital at one point!

In a sentence, SupaAgent Jerwin, is a humble and positive character with broad interests and talents. According to him, the song which describes him best is Basket Case by Green Day – for all that, after you read this article you’ll come to understand why that’s grossly misleading at best. Jerwin enjoys playing basketball and based on a hunch, occasionally plays the air guitar to some of his favourite punk bands.

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Top 4 Moments Which Made Us Question Artificial Intelligence

Explore the phrase ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and you are presented with an array of remarkable achievements and optimistic outlooks. Although, amongst headlines sensationalising Uber’s Flying Cars by 2020, there are also occasional articles which propagate a very dystopian future – one with rogue machines and a new world order (think ‘Terminator’ or ‘I, Robot’!). Nevertheless, there have also been moments in the past when Artificial Intelligence hasn’t quite lived up to its last name.

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SupaSkilled Nikka – SupaAgent of the Month (January 2018)

If it ever was so fitting, our SupaAgent of this month can most accurately be described as the Jill of all trades, whilst being the master of time, organisation and spirit.

A mother of two beautiful girls, Nikka resides in the renowned ‘Queen City of the South’ in a country known for its cultural diversity founded upon a rich cauldron of diaspora- Cebu, Philippines. Nikka herself is an embodiment of this, being the eldest daughter of a Filipino-Spanish mother and a Japanese father, as well as a spouse to a Filipino-Turk!

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Application of Computer Vision in 21st Century Technology

And Man said, “let there be sight,” and there was facial recognition, self-driving cars and more!

As the chapter of 2018 unfolds, in retrospect, it’s incredible to see how far artificial intelligence has advanced just within one year. Tesla announced their third autonomous beast-of-a-car the Model 3, as well as their autopilot equipped semi. Also, Microsoft introduced their ‘Seeing AI’ designed to help the visually impaired by describing handwriting, faces and even color. Although these achievements are cemented in the mainstream, there have also been promising furtherance in niche areas which have broad implications for a larger public.

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Why 2017 Was A Great Year for Supahands

On behalf of the entire Supahands team, we would like to wish all of our readers a Happy New Year and officially welcome you into 2018! Alongside the unfolding of a fresh new chapter, we are in the habit of setting ourselves new goals and achievements for an exciting year ahead. However, it is also good practice to take some time to reflect and look back to see how far you’ve come and what you have accomplished in the past year. So much happened for us at light speed that it was hard putting this list together. Nevertheless, here are Supahands’ top 5 highlights of 2017:

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