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5 Benefits of Being a SupaAgent

Part Time Work Benefits

5 Benefits of Being a SupaAgent

What is a SupaAgent? Though it may sound quirky, SupaAgents are ordinary people just like you. They could be students, mothers or working professionals who have extra time to spare and are open to the idea of working from home.

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Introducing ‘SupaBytes’!

Hello there!

Five months into the year and 2016 has already been a year of many surprises, but no doubt an exciting one for Supahands in the Tech Start Up community and we’d love to share that all with you.

While it’s been challenging and we’ve been trying to figure out the angle of which we will write for our readers, we’ve decided to embody Nike’s way to “Just Do It” instead and be generous in our sharing of knowledge and know-how with everybody.

So welcome to our new blog!

Supahands Blog


Supabytes will be the place where you’ll be able to find bits and bytes of information from us to you and will cover everything from the current promotions or latest features in Supahands, our personal learnings to stories of businesses from all around the Asia Pacific Region!

Here are some awesome categories which you can look forward to reading in each of the sections:

News – Keep yourself informed on our latest collaborations, promotions, events, conferences and new features at Supahands!

Business – In our own journey of building Supahands, we’ve made a fair deal of misconceptions and mistakes, so learn from us and not repeat them to progress further in building your dream business. We also want to share best practices, tips and hacks from other Entrepreneurs, Startups and Businesses around the Asia Pacific region that will help bring your business to the next level.

Community – Running a business isn’t all about making money but rather building a group of people who are like-minded and heading in a common direction. We want to build a community that will help businesses of all sizes to thrive and be more productive. Get to learn more about our pool of SupaAgents and learn more on how you could join our Supahands community.

Social – As a company, it’s always good to be able to give back to society in one way or another. With that, articles under this section will highlight some our collaborations with Non Profit Organisations as part of integrating community service into our business model for the better good.

As we squeeze our brain juice dry to produce these weekly articles for you, we hope that you will take away some elements of inspiration, ideas and action. Similarly, if you have great ideas and thoughts to shout out, feel free to drop us an email at for us to feature you on Supabytes too.

 Happy Reading!

Supahands team


Hand of the Week: Supahands for Pomelo

The super cool folks at needed a hand with some business tasks. As they send a healthy number of newsletters per week, they needed a little help with tracking them.

Pomelo wanted to know if their newsletters were meeting their goals. So, our SupaAgents jumped on board to track their Open Rate and Click Through Rate for their marketing newsletters.

Here at Supahands, we’re up for any virtual challenge big or small 😉

With just a few details and instructions to get started, our SupaAgents were on it. Till today, Supahands helps track the vital information Pomelo needs on a weekly basis.

Pretty nifty, huh?

We help lots of startups out with tasks like these.

And we do a pretty great job at it. Just ask our friends at Pomelo 🙂

Running a fast-paced startup? Maybe we can help you out.


Hand of the Week – Supahands for KFIT

These days we live in a shared society. In the fast-paced world of startups, you don’t get very far without the right collaborations.

When it came time for KFIT to spread out their workload, Supahands was happy to help out a friend!

For KFIT, our trusty SupaAgents carry out lead generation for fitness centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Here at Supahands, we have a team of intelligent and efficient SupaAgents. Every SupaAgent is carefully vetted and trained to provide a service that we’re proud of.

So far, we’re doing a fab job so KFIT has assigned us to three more countries including Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Even the big dogs delegate 😉

Need lead gen for your hot startup? Let us help you out.


Hand of The Week – Creating IFTTT Recipe

We had an interesting one from Laurindo.

He sent in a request to create an IFTTT recipe which goes like this…
“IF a particular hashtag is used on Google+ the content of the whole post is automatically extracted to a Google Sheet”.

Wow, OK Laurindo. Challenge accepted!

Using 3 Hands, a Google+ to Google Sheet IFTTT recipe is created and published to

Anymore challenges? Our SupaAgents are ready! 🙂


Focus on the connection : Lead generation

Do you find yourself in a situation where you’re doing fine, if not great at reaching your sales target but reaching your quota for leads… Mmm, not too much? You’re probably thinking that you don’t want to waste your limited time on all that digging and all that searching.

So what if we told you that you could still reach your leads quota while making sure you make the most of your time? Keep reading to find out how!

From tasks ranging from generating leads on fitness centres across countries, to compiling contact details, or generating a list of hotels, our team of SupaAgents can provide you with the extra hands you need to get this done.

Take an example of generating a list of cafes in Sydney. Our workflow will go as follows:


1) Sometimes searching for information isn’t as simple as Googling it just once. Take this case for example; the search results look more like lists instead, so we would have to do more digging and researching to find the information that you’re after. We call it, Supa-sleuthing!

2) If we can’t get all the information, we sure try our best to! This might involve us scouring multiple websites just so that we can try to find what you’re looking for.


3) Once we’re successful, we’ll input the necessary information -which could be as detailed as you’d like- into the database.

4) We’ll then go ahead and repeat the process till there you have it, a completed lead list!

All of the above might sound alien if you’re new to lead generation. And even if you are, just hand over your lead generation to-do’s to us so that you can let our SupaAgents work on it so that you can focus on making that sale.

Trust us when we say generating leads doesn’t require a big budget, try out with 2 free Hands today under the Personal plan ☺

Or need a huge list of leads done for your business? Have a talk with our friendly sales team today at

Disclaimer: In case you’re wondering, the leads in the images were made up!


No obligation, No contract. Just Supahands

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5 Ways to Increase Your Work Productivity


So we know that there are a plethora of these kind of articles floating around the World Wide Web but we decided that, why see many when you can just see this one? One thing you’ll realise with these ways is that they’re things that we can easily incorporate (or at least try to) in our everyday life. Not to say that doing them will make you a Supa-person in a day, but it will definitely get you on the right track!


Taking care of your Health

This is number one for obvious reasons. Not only does taking care of your Health actually work you towards not prematurely dying, it also gets your noodles working all the better!

So put in time for some exercising, even if it a 20 minute walk to the convenience store, it will do your brain definite good and make you more productive at work.
Or if there simply isn’t any time for it, work in 90 minute blocks before giving yourself a quick 15 minutes to turn off. Studies have shown that humans can only maximise their focus for 90 minutes. Anything after that is a slow but steady decline to being that unproductive worker you don’t want to be.

Quit Multi-tasking

So apparently killing two birds with 1 stone doesn’t do too well with making you into a productive person. Sure, you might think you are but, experts have debunked that you actually aren’t. Sorry.

This also applies to us constantly checking our phones for Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Tumblr, Snapchat or whatever other social media tools you’re on. Did you know, the people at discovered that in the U.S., 12.2 billion hours are spent browsing social media alone? Wow.

So if you feel like you’re one of the people contributing to this, it might be time to consider uninstalling them from your phone or if that’s too drastic, just lock it in your drawer during those 90 minutes of full focusing.

Saying No to Meetings

This might sound weird now but here’s more data for you: Atlassian found that the average worker spends 31 hours each month in unproductive meetings! That’s 31 more hours that could have gone into helping you reach that KPI, or 31 hours gone from making your pitch to the clients better.

So the next time there’s a meeting, maybe it would be good to ask yourself if the objective of the meeting could be met through other means like on email, or a conference call or even a quick Skype session.


Delegate Your Task

Often we look at our tasks as our own individual outputs but, no man is an island! Many of us will discover that our coworkers can positively affect our efficiency on getting a job done. If your colleague is good with GoogleAds and you’re not,leverage that. This saves you the time from fumbling about while you get to move forward to whatever else that needs to be done for you to achieve your goal. Just be sure to return the favour, when it’s their turn their to ask.

Or delegate your tasks to us here at Supahands and never have to return the favour ever 😉 Want our SupaAgents to help you with being a more productive person at work and play? Create your task now

Reward Yourself

Nothing like some good Pavlov Conditioning! It’s important to keep yourself motivated when doing tasks and a simple yet effective way of doing that is by rewarding yourself. Maybe you could buy the latest gadget for getting that promotion or maybe you could just treat yourself to an episode of a series you’re following for finishing your presentation that day. It’s just important to pat yourself on the back sometimes for a job well done.