Why Content Moderation Is Critical For Your Business

User-generated content (UGC) currently lives large on the online world and the number is growing annually. According to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, web content is increasingly  dominated by UGC as Pinterest’s pins’ creation are up 75%, Twitch video broadcasts are up 83%, Wattpad stories are up 140%, and Airbnb reviews are up 140% year-on-year. To add, Content Marketing Institute shares that 86% of businesses use content marketing; of those, 70% are creating more content than they did a year ago.

However, this trend comes with risk. How do you ensure users portray your brand in the proper light, and what do you do to protect visitors from offensive or even harmful content? The answer is content moderation. Here are 3 reasons why content moderation is important for your business.

#1 Protect your brand & users

Whether it’s videos submitted for a contest, pictures posted on social channels, or comments written on blog posts or forums, there’s always a risk that a piece of UGC will deviate from what your brand considers acceptable. Having a team of content moderators on hand reduces the risk of visitors seeing content they may consider upsetting or offensive, besides preventing bullies or trolls from taking advantage of your brand online.


#2 Helps you understand your users

With the right keywords and moderating your content with intent, you can not only protect your brand, but also make data-driven decisions on new products or marketing campaigns.  Your brand can gain actionable insights about the behavior and opinions of your users and customers.


#3 Increase traffic & search engine rankings

Without a doubt, UGC can fuel your website’s search ranking, product reviews, and social channels, which leads to more traffic. Think of it as a virtual word of mouth.  In other words, deploying a scalable content moderation strategy can lead to more user engagement and better search engine rankings, which in turn leads to more traffic to your website.


#4 Rapidly scale campaigns

Whether you want to host a contest, crowdsource an idea, publish photos, or get more reviews, having an efficient and effective content moderation strategy in place lets you rapidly scale these campaigns, without thinking of the negative effects to your brand. Take Youtube, for example. Most of the videos submitted are by their users. To ensure their viewers aren’t exposed to harmful content, they needed a scalable way to review the content posted to their site – which is why content moderation is important.


How Supahands Can Help

With our elastic workforce, we are able to make content moderation quick and painless. Plus, you will also save cost on hiring in-house staff.These are what we can assist you with:

  • Image Moderation
    Safeguard your community by filtering out content that doesn’t engage your audience
  • Video Moderation
    Review your video assets for objectionable content
  • Review Moderation
    Ensure that your product reviews and questions are helpful and genuine
  • Comment Moderation
    Validate comments that are aligned to your community guidelines

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