8 Tools To Help You Ramp Up Your Business’ Productivity

So, you want to do more with less effort and you want to maximise your team’s productivity to scale your business further and better. That’s great! To help you with that, we’ve carefully picked our top 8 tools to help you simplify processes and boost your business’ efficiency.

#1 Cyfe

Don’t let your data be indecipherable. With Cyfe, you are now able to track and organise the data you want. It acts as your business’ data dashboard, where site visitors, Adwords metrics, keyword rankings, and social media data can be accessed altogether.  Besides that, the programme contains pre-built widgets from MailChimp, Shopify, and more. This will let you customise your dashboard to view all the information you want to see in one platform.


#2 Pocket

Sometimes, while working, you will come across articles or videos on the internet that are irresistible. But, since you don’t want to get distracted – you just ignore them and it get’s forgotten. Now, not anymore. Pocket lets you save links and useful articles for later, all with a simple button, which is installed via an extension onto your web browser. Not only that, with its text-to-speech (TTS) feature, you can even have it read the article out loud for you too.


#3 Toggl

We’ve talked about why you should set a deadline or timer for your tasks for better productivity in our previous article. With the help of Toggl, you can now get control of your time and help you get your priorities straight.This may also good for a services company, as it will help you measure the time spent for each task which would definitely help your business identify issue spots and improve on them.


#4 Supahands

Are you unable to handle an immense amount of workload? Why not outsource it to us, Supahands! We can assist you with back-office operational projects like data management, content moderation, lead generation and online support that will help you save lots of time while enabling you to scale your business quickly. With our flexible plans, we are able to cater to your needs affordably so don’t forget to get in touch with us for a FREE consultation.

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#5 Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed is a tool for scanning and organising receipts, as well as business cards. You can also create expense reports, track mileage and more. It’s available on its online web program and on mobile app that easily integrates with your online account. All you have to do is to just snap a photo of your receipts or name cards and upload them onto Shoeboxed. This is a great if you want to cut the process of manual data-entry.


#6 Zapier

Zapier is a SaaS company that connects and automates all your various tools and apps that your team uses. It’s easy to start – all you have to do is to connect all the apps and other SaaS tools i.e. Trello, Asana, Gmail, Mailchimp, PayPal, social media platforms, Slack and more to this software.Similar to ‘IFTTT’ rules, with Zapier you’re able to  connect your Gmail account to your Trello board so that when a new customer request comes in, it’s automatically added to your workstack. With this integration, you can give your team more time to focus on what’s important and increase your team’s productivity.



We all have experienced this love/hate relationship with meetings. A good one can resolve a complicated problem quickly and effectively, while a bad one will make you suffer from meeting-fatigue. keeps meetings focused and organised, by putting everything you’ll need for the meeting and scheduling it all in the same place. It also lets you assign follow-up tasks and even provides graphs on how productive your meetings are to optimise your team’s time.


#8 FreshBooks

Packed with user-friendly interface and 24/7 support, FreshBooks is an attractive option for small business owners. You can easily create branded invoices with customised designs and send them to clients all over the world. The ability to bill and accept credit card payments in all major currencies allows you to expand your reach to the global market. To add, real-time reporting shows you if clients have viewed their invoices and whether they’ve followed through with payment.


So, there you go. We hope that these applications and tools will help you have better productivity and boost your team’s efficiency in no time!

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