4 Supahands Case Studies That We’re SupaProud Of

As an organisation that promotes transparency and optimum results, we actively encourage everyone at SupaHQ to always ask questions and never settle for mediocre. This even carries forward into how we interact with our clients and SupaAgents. The SupaTeam does not believe in gimmicks but letting our results speak for themselves. So, if you’re looking for a place where you can find out just how efficient we are at getting large volumes of data work done fast, look no further.

Here’s our round-up of 4 of our best case studies so far.

1. Helped a used-car selling platform save 57% on customer service cost

This project required our SupaAgents to make phone calls in order to validate our client’s customer’s database. The awesome team completed 650 hours of work in 2 months. That’s the equivalent of one person working 11 hours a day, 7 days a week with no breaks in between – a feat we all know is almost impossible to accomplish without a scalable team.

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Office Lego Star Wars

Don’t let your employees feel cornered by work


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2. Acquire data for 4,000+ restaurants within a month

It was crunch time for a restaurant search app that our client had designed. It was slightly over a month until their launch date and they needed to fill up their database fast. Hiring someone in-house to do it was not an option as the recruitment time alone would’ve taken too long. So, Supahands stepped in with a 1,500-strong workforce, ready to launch at the word “Go!”. We achieved an accuracy of 100% and completed the job under a month, just in time for the app’s launch.

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Restaurant case study snippet

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3. Gathering 5,000 rows of data in 48 hours

Many corporations face a fundamental problem of things moving too slowly. This is caused by multiple steps in different processes that need to be adhered to. So, when a major telecommunications provider in Malaysia needed to gather a large amount of information urgently, Supahands was called in to save the day.

Supahands Data Case Study

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We particular loved this project for its sheer speed as it was launched just 24 hours after the initial conversation with our client, and then promptly completed 48 hours after that. Did we mention that this also took place over a weekend?

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4. Executed a year’s worth of data work in just 1 month

Supahands Productivity Case Study

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13 is our lucky number in this particular case, as we 13x a client’s productivity by completing work that would’ve taken 1 person at least 1 year to do. The data-centric work that was to be done is highly repetitive but requires a sharp eye to spot even the smallest of errors. For any normal person, doing this day in and day out without any breaks in between can lead to fatigue really quickly. Thankfully for us, we have over 1,000 SupaAgents on board. This meant that we’re able to scale the team according to the volume of work, and ensure that it is rotated around enough to avoid burnout. This led to a 90% accuracy and zero downtime.

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Why Supahands?

The Supahands culture is an extremely results-oriented one. We believe that every member of a team no matter how big or small needs to contribute towards a shared goal. Which is why we’re proud to share the accomplishments and milestones with our clients as we made sure to work closely with them throughout every step. The SupaTeam isn’t here to sell to you, we’re here to be your data-driven partner and celebrate your company’s achievements with you.

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