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Introducing Supahands Workplace

At Supahands, communication is literally our key to scale. Our primary operations rely heavily on the communication between project managers and our fleet of SupaAgents (on-demand workers), to ensure all project tasks and assignments are completed with care and
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Community News

Supplycart Invaded Supahands’ Office – It Was “Fruitful”!

Supplycart is a Malaysian company that can help you source, procure, manage, and restock your office needs, from food in the pantry to stationery.  Last week, we invited them to “invade” Supahands HQ in Bangsar South with the thing that they’re known for – fresh fruits, healthy and delicious snacks and plenty of industry knowledge to share. As we cozied up on our beanbags and exchanged ideas whilst munching on crunchy fresh apples, it became clear to us that this was a very insightful session that we’re happy to host in SupHQ. Here’s a quick recap of what went down.

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Community News

Sunway University Career Talk: How To Find Out If Working In A Startup Is For You

So, what is it like to work with a startup? What can you expect? Previously, we shared an article about the benefits of working in a startup environment that you can check out. To add, Supahands’ Community Manager, Su Yin Voon, had a talk at Sunway University to share her first hand experience working with one – us! If you’re considering being part of the startup community, here are 6 things for you to ponder on.

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BREAKING NEWS: Tech-driven Outsourcing Platform – Supahands Focuses Products, To Accelerate Growth

According to World Bank, business process outsourcing (BPO) revenues could soar to well over US$50 billion and provide some 2.6 million jobs by 2020. With that in mind, Supahands set out to disrupt this lucrative, yet highly competitive field. Unlike traditional BPO companies, Malaysian-born Supahands aims to help  businesses scale by changing the nature of time, with its combination of technology solutions and a distributed workforce.

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This Is Not A SCAM! Be A SupaAgent & Earn Extra CASH

So, you are looking for a part-time gig, but you are also well aware about the many scams for part-time jobs that are prevalent out there. Well, why not work with us as a SupaAgent? Don’t worry, we’re very different from whatever you’ve been seeing out there. Supahands offers a chance to have a rewarding side gig to people, who want the benefits of working remotely and in their own time. Without a doubt, it will indeed be a wise choice. You can read more about what makes us legit in our previous article.

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Community News

Supahands Joins Kechara Soup Kitchen To Lend Hands For The Needy

As an individual or a corporation, everyone has the responsibility to give back to the community – one way or another. Typically the thought of a CSR effort makes one automatically assume that a monetary contribution is in order, but donating money isn’t the only way to make the world a better place. Giving back also can be contributions in the form of your time and effort to a community that’s in need. Getting in the spirit of giving and wanting to start the year with good vibes, Supahands recently joined Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) to help with their regular food drives for the less fortunate around central Kuala Lumpur.

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Business News

It’s Finally HERE! Do More With Supahands’ New & Refreshed Website


The Supahands team is very excited to finally be able to introduce you to our revamped website soon, as part of our never ending drive to improve ourselves. We’ve gathered all of your feedback and the team has been working hard to create a website that gives you a more comprehensive look at what we do and how we can help you. We also decided to make the experience more interactive for our visitors as well. Check out the full breakdown of all the new features below.

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Community News

8 Things We Learnt From Malaysia Business Student Summit 2017

Our SupaBoss, Mark Koh, was recently invited to Malaysia Business  Student Summit 2017 (MBSS), organised by Universiti Malaya, to be part of the panel for its symposium – Create Opportunities: The Inner Dimensions of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Business. Other speakers involved were Tan Ban Eu, co-founder of Offpeak and Boat Noodle’s founder & CEO, Tony Lim.

Moderated by Feixiang Lim, CEO of Major Drop, we found the panel discussion very informative and engaging. Here’s a handy roundup of what we’ve learnt from it. Some of which also act as a reminder for those among us who are going on the path to be entrepreneurs.  

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Introducing ‘SupaBytes’!

Hello there!

Five months into the year and 2016 has already been a year of many surprises, but no doubt an exciting one for Supahands in the Tech Start Up community and we’d love to share that all with you.

While it’s been challenging and we’ve been trying to figure out the angle of which we will write for our readers, we’ve decided to embody Nike’s way to “Just Do It” instead and be generous in our sharing of knowledge and know-how with everybody.

So welcome to our new blog!

Supahands Blog


Supabytes will be the place where you’ll be able to find bits and bytes of information from us to you and will cover everything from the current promotions or latest features in Supahands, our personal learnings to stories of businesses from all around the Asia Pacific Region!

Here are some awesome categories which you can look forward to reading in each of the sections:

News – Keep yourself informed on our latest collaborations, promotions, events, conferences and new features at Supahands!

Business – In our own journey of building Supahands, we’ve made a fair deal of misconceptions and mistakes, so learn from us and not repeat them to progress further in building your dream business. We also want to share best practices, tips and hacks from other Entrepreneurs, Startups and Businesses around the Asia Pacific region that will help bring your business to the next level.

Community – Running a business isn’t all about making money but rather building a group of people who are like-minded and heading in a common direction. We want to build a community that will help businesses of all sizes to thrive and be more productive. Get to learn more about our pool of SupaAgents and learn more on how you could join our Supahands community.

Social – As a company, it’s always good to be able to give back to society in one way or another. With that, articles under this section will highlight some our collaborations with Non Profit Organisations as part of integrating community service into our business model for the better good.

As we squeeze our brain juice dry to produce these weekly articles for you, we hope that you will take away some elements of inspiration, ideas and action. Similarly, if you have great ideas and thoughts to shout out, feel free to drop us an email at for us to feature you on Supabytes too.

 Happy Reading!

Supahands team


A Dashing New Look to our Dashboard!


After months of getting feedback from our users (some angry ones that have left deep scars), we’re happy to announce that our User Dashboard has got a new look!


People always say that change is always hard but not in this case, we were happy to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new especially when it meant that there’d be some new features for our users.

So what’s new?

Say hello to colour­coding!
Now we’ve introduced different colour blocks for our task status’ which makes it all the easier to vet through your existing tasks. So there’ll be no more squinting needed, just easy screening.


How many Hands again?
Since we’re on a roll of introducing features designed at making it easier for users, we’ve also decided to make it a little clearer on how many Hands each task has taken. So now it’ll always be clear how many Hands each of your tasks has taken, helping you keep track of it all.


To the left, to the left.
Heeding the words of Beyonce, we’ve shifted everything from the right sidebar to the left. So no need to panic once you’ve signed in to your dashboard, everything is still there right from creating New Tasks, to purchasing more Hands, to redeeming your voucher codes.


Better filtering
Before this, using the dragdown list to filter through your tasks based on its status was truly.. well, a drag. We’ve gone and done away with that and have placed these filters on the left sidebar as well. So all you’ll need to do now is to just click on a status and voila! all those tasks with that status will appear in no time.

So how does this new dashboard beat the old one?
Even though we know that these aren’t major changes but these improvements were all made with our users (YOU!) in mind. Being virtual assistants, we understand that our value is in helping you save time and we wanted that to be visible in how the dashboard was designed as well. This then led to the creation of these new features so that you didn’t have to spend the extra time you didn’t have by going through tasks.

Besides that, the old dashboard looked washed out and tired and we felt that this wasn’t reflecting what we wanted to show our users which was that we were excitedand eager to help them and that Supahands was a place of happiness because when you’re on Supahands, you knew that you were getting things done and who isn’t joyed over that?

So, Love it? Hate it? Sad there isn’t something included? Let us know! Drop us an email at so that we can continue making improvements to create a Supa­dashboard that is seamless and easy for you to use.

We hope you’ll enjoy these changes and happy delegating Supa­users! Experience the change and start delegating away at