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Dear Stay-At-Home Mums (Or Dad), Here Are Some Money Making Opportunities For You

Being a stay-at-home parent is a full-time job that doesn’t come with a full-time paycheck. Thankfully, there are ways to earn money without leaving the house or sacrificing your time with the kids. However, it is hard to swim through all the information and scams that are on the internet when looking for a solid way to do so. With that in mind, we put together a list of unique jobs that are perfect for stay-at-home mums (or dads).


#1 Host A Dinner

Are you a good cook? Try consider showcasing your culinary skills to people beyond your social circle with Plate Culture. It helps you fulfill your dream of running a restaurant without having to own one. You can cook for interesting (and sometimes international) guests in your own home through a simple and safe process and get paid for it.


#2  Disguise As A Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is done for many industries including pharmacy chains, hotels, restaurants, automotive and petrol dealerships.Get paid to pretend to be a customer, whilst secretly evaluating the quality of products and services offered. Your comments will help organisations improve their overall customer experience. Here are some links to help kick-start your mystery shopping career:


#3 Be a BPO Assistant

It may not be the flashiest of jobs, but it does provide a consistent stream work and doesn’t require prior experience. These are very simple tasks that companies need done, and luckily, they don’t involve going to an office. Supahands is always looking for SupaAgents to work on our projects – data management, lead generation, content moderation and online support.

You get to choose the kind of projects that you work on, and you simply get started on them from home on your computer. All you need to do is take an online assessment of your choice to get started. Apart from no minimum or maximum limits on how much you can earn, you’ll also be part of an international community of colleagues who will be there to guide you through every process.

If you want the opportunity to work with multiple companies at the same time, while also earning money from the comfort of your own home, join us today!


#4 Drive People Around

Uber and Grab are completely changing the way we use transportation and they are growing extremely fast. This means they are always looking for drivers to add to their payroll. Why not take this opportunity to earn some side moolah? You can use your own car, set your own hours, and meet new people; all at the same time.


#5 Use Your Skills As a Freelancer

From writing to translation to research to editing to design, freelancing provides many possibilities for you to use your skillset in a flexible and self-directed way.

Although the pay can vary on a project-by-project basis, and the income is not always steady, it allows the stay-at-home parent the opportunity to keep his/her career skills sharp in case returning to the regular workforce is a possibility in the future. or Fiverr are excellent resources for getting started in finding work that you can do at home.


#6 Turn Your Hobby Into Money

Are you a person that loves creating things? Turn this hobby into cash. Whether you knit, paint, weave or even make soap, there’s a market for it. There are plenty of sites that allow you to let your artsy side shine and help you make some extra money in the process. Sell them on, a virtual marketplace where the craftier among us can sell their wares to shoppers from all over the world or look online for craft markets around your city. For Malaysians, you can check out Arts for Grabs and Mari Market.


#7 Sell Your Pre-Loved Items

If you look hard enough, you’ll probably find a number of things in your house that you’re not using. Maybe it’s time to declutter and make some money by selling them on online marketplace such as Carousell or You know what they say – one family’s trash is another family’s treasure!


There are many opportunities that enable you to make some cash, while your children are at school, asleep, or even while they’re home and wide awake! You may not become an overnight millionaire, but it’ll help you chip in for some of the bills and might also make enough for small luxuries like books, weekend activities or a simple family vacation.

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