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Keeping Track Of Your Office Supplies Made Easy – Supplycart

If you’re managing an office, you will find this article useful to keep track of your office stationery supplies. People often think furniture, electronic gears and employees are enough to run an office, but most missed out on office supplies. There’s a long list of office stationery, when you’re setting up an office (depends on the gears you have). Therefore, keeping track of your office supplies is crucial so you don’t have unexpected moments of running out of paper, printer toner, pens or even adhesive when you need them. Here are the top 3 tips in keeping your office stationery supplies on point.


1. Detailed master list

Create a master list of all the stationery supplies you need in your office. This highly depends on the size of the company and of course the gears you have to keep the office running. For example, an interior design office will need more A3 paper compared to A4.

In Supplycart, we have a list of stationery products we need in a monthly basis and pantry items on a weekly basis. Initially, we spent a hefty amount of time listing down every product we need including the brand, colour and other necessary specifications such as size & etc. But having all these details helped us in spotting the exact items that are running low and it doesn’t seem very much like a chore when we replenish them.


2. Store all the supplies in one location

Keeping everything in one place is the perfect way for you and your colleagues to grab what they need and spend more time in doing more important work. Nobody likes to search the entire office looking for a highlighter or a ream of paper when they really need them do they?

We find it extremely useful when we group them into frequently used items and not frequently used items so everyone in the office knows where to find the things that they need.


3. Routine supplies check

Don’t exhaust all your supplies and then replenish. Always keep some at hand so you can order them and get it delivered to your office. Running to the nearest stationery supplies store is a waste of time and sometimes, you can’t even get what you need. Or worse, you have to carry heavy items like reams of paper to the office on your own.


We hope these 3 simple steps help you with your office supplies!

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