Lead Generation Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Every business needs to generate leads at some point in order to push for more sales, widen your network and increase awareness about your brand. In order to make the most efficient use of your time, you need to ensure that your initial funnel is wide enough. Here are some handy tips that we here at Supahands sometimes use to generate leads for our clients.

Use LinkedIn For Lead Generation

For Business contacts, we like to say that “LinkedIn is your best friend!”. While you can probably get by with just typing the name of the company into the search box and slowly going through pages of names until you find the one you want, there is a much more effective way to do this.

Make full use of LinkedIn’s filters to narrow down your search so that you’re able to pinpoint the exact person within the company that you’re researching. Look for someone according to her or his location, preferred language, even past or current companies. LinkedIn also shows you how closely connection you are to each person. So in case you need a friendly introduction through someone, you know just who to go to.

Use LinkedIn's filters for lead generation

Use LinkedIn’s filters for lead generation


Use E-mail Scraping Tools to Find E-mail Addresses Quickly

Want to get in touch with the people within a particular company but have no idea how? Most of the time, the contact information for a company is hidden somewhere within their website and it might take a sharp eye and a knack for knowing where to look in order to find the right e-mail address.

Save yourself the time and effort by using an e-mail scraping tool to do the work for you. Most tools work by “scanning” a website for e-mail addresses that are publicly available, and compiling those e-mail addresses for you to screen through. There are plenty of e-mail scrapers available so try out different ones each time until you find one that you are comfortable and happy with.

How To Verify E-mails

Once you have a list of e-mails you want to contact, you will save yourself more time if you verify them first. This will eliminate the need to deal with invalid addresses. The easiest way to verify e-mails is simply by using an e-mail verification tool.

Similarly with e-mail scraping, e-mail verification tools are very accessible from a quick search on the internet. There are also free options that you can use as well. Again, try different ones until you find the tool that you’re the most accustomed to using.

Use X-Ray Search To Bypass Restrictions

If you’re not a Premium user on LinkedIn, you will face limits to the number of searches or people you can contact in a day. However, if you arm yourself with basic knowledge of Boolean, you can effectively conduct an “x-ray search” on search engines such as Google.

Example of an x-ray search in Google

Example of an x-ray search in Google


Doing this allows you to bypass daily LinkedIn limits, view certain information on most private profiles and also allows you to conduct a very quick and rough search before you focus on the details.

Here is an example of how to x-ray search on Google.

Problem: You need the names and LinkedIn profiles of all people with the title “Head of Marketing” in Malaysia.

Solution: Type “site: head of marketing malaysia” into Google and you’ll get some initial results to get your list started already

How long does it take to get a lead?

Supahands has spent hundreds of hours on helping clients with Lead Generation. We are continuously refining our methods and processes so that we give our clients more leads in less time. Our current average is 7 minutes a lead which means 120 hours of work if you require 1,000 leads to get your sales team started on the right track. Based on our track record, we can easily finish 100+ hours of work in just a few days.

This means:

  • You can make more efficient use of your time
  • You thrive in the opportunity to refocus your energy on closing more sales and clients
  • You can keep your team lean and headcounts low
  • You also save time by handing over quality checks and resource management to your dedicated Project Manager

Curious to find out more? Leave your details with us and our business consultants will be in touch with you within a day!


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