Dear Marketers, Isn’t It Wiser To Outsource Your Content Creation?

Every company needs a marketing team, whether it’s a startup or a hundred-year-old one. They have the ever-important task of bringing the company to the doors of more places and the eyes of more people. While companies of certain industries fare well hiring in-house creatives like artists and designers, content marketing may be a different story. Creating content for marketing purposes is a set of roles best outsourced instead. Here are some arguments why.

Content creation

1. You’ll need a whole team

If you intend to hire content creators, it may not be as simple as hiring one person. This is due to the fact that creating content usually requires people of different disciplines. Writers, editors, designers, production, technical, just to name a few.

Even if all the content you need is a blog, hiring one person would mean that he/she would have to wear a few hats. That being said, if your company has the resources, savviness, and willingness to invest, then you can hire an in-house team. Otherwise, you’d want to consider engaging a vendor that specialises in content.


2. You can easily try other types of content

An extension to the point above, outsourcing your content creation to a vendor also means having access to their full range of capabilities (depending on the vendor).

Maybe you’ve been creating visual content on your Facebook page, and now you’re looking into video. That means you’ll need the right kind of writer, producer, and production team. Having all these people in-house would mean that you’ve already committed to a series of videos.


3. You won’t have to worry about tools of the trade

Hiring creatives is more than just human resources. You’ll have to also include tools in your expenses. Videographers need camera equipment. Designers need software. Content strategists need listening and curation tools.


4. In-house creators may get myopic

Unless your company has a sizable range of brands and products, your in-house creatives may be subject to a narrow range of topics and ideas. This imposition can lead to monotony, something creatives will not always work well with.

Outsourcing this means you would have access to people who deal with a bigger spectrum of thought and inspiration, having worked on multiple brands.



On top of these considerations, the conventional wisdom for outsourcing in general applies. If all you need is a one-off piece of written content, Supahands can help you do some research to support that. For a more complete set of content marketing services, try a company like Write Handed.

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