Trends That Are Shaping The Outsourcing Industry 2017

Outsourcing has revolutionised the way businesses operate today, evolving with time to match industry developments. Currently, many BPO companies are in the race to deliver the most affordable and efficient services. So, what exactly are clients/customers looking for? Let us walk your through the top 5 trends that will influence the industry.


#1 Security

Development of new technologies has raised the level of security concerns in a time where everything and everyone relies so heavily on being connected to the internet. In 2017,  expect to see the emergence of Security-as-a-Service, offered by specialised security BPO service providers. Having said that, other enterprises and outsourcing agencies will also have to strive to ensure the protection of their clients’ data, irrespective of their size and location, as part of their service offerings.


#2 Robotic Process Automation

Clients/customers are demanding for higher efficiency, and in response, the outsourcing industry is inclining towards offering more efficient services via robotic process automation (RPA). This will ensure an increase in productivity at reduced costs through a  process that almost guarantees high-quality execution, using software-driven robots to replace human labour for repetitive tasks.

However, this advancement is not without its caveats as it will ultimately create the challenge of managing touch points between manual and automated tasks,which leads to more flexible agreements between vendors and clients.


#3 Flexible Contracts

Most clients/customers now prefer some degree of flexibility when buying services from vendor. Since most tasks are based on the business’ needs and requirements, the idea of getting contracts framed with favorable legal and commercial conditions, and a chance to scale up or down, as per their needs is most favourable. This is considered as an important consideration for the long-term success of any outsourcing arrangement.


#4 Integrated Cloud Platforms

With more businesses moving to rely on cloud technology, the trend is set to become the next big thing for the outsourcing market. This will enable outsourcing companies to deliver improved and innovative services and tackle future big data needs, for increased agility and efficiency of business processes.


#5 Self-service Platform

Juan Gonzalez, Research Director at Frost & Sullivan shared that one of the top outsourcing and business priorities is self-service. For business, self-service portals represent the ability for operators, supervisors, and managers to do their jobs faster and more efficiently.

Gonzalez also divulged that a well-designed self-service portal covers these 2 customers’ requirements:

  • It allows users to do things i.e. place orders, approve changes, communicate decisions.
  • It allows users to know things i.e. monitor their network performance, look at billing or usage trends, determine what other products are available.


If you’re reading this and wondering “Ok Supahands, tell me where I can find an outsourcing company that does most if not all of the above.”, well you’re looking right at it. Or rather, us. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to changing project sizes according to our clients’ needs, and we’re well on our way to building innovative technology and methods to optimise our process flow.

If you want to know more, visit our Business page or simply fill up the form below so that a member of our team will be able to get in touch with you for a chat.
Happy outsourcing!

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