Gotta Sell ‘Em All – Use Pokemon Go Craze to Market Businesses in APAC

The word on the street is that Niantic Inc’s Pokemon Go will make its South-East Asian debut sooner than we think. Taking the world by storm since July 6th 2016, the free geolocation augmented reality game has excited Pokemon Hunters across the world, and Asia Pacific region will definitely feel the heat soon as some of Asian-based companies have already teased their campaigns that incorporate Pokemon Go.

The game is downloaded wildly as who doesn’t “wanna be the very best, like no one ever was?” The statistics say it all as it has been downloaded twice as much as Tinder, has ruled out other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat for daily active users and has the highest time spent in-app per day according to Forbes.



GrabCar x Hotlink PokéMobile Promotion in Malaysia

This successful enforcement in rebranding proposes a great number of positive opportunities to other businesses as well. Recently, Hotlink Malaysia and GrabCar revealed its Charizard’s flaming tail fashioned PokeMobile that offers free rides to players via the Grab Mobile and riders who are Hotlink customers will stand a chance to get a US $100 worth of PokeCoins via Hotlink Cash Online. So how can other businesses in SEA jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the hype?


Gotta Sell ‘em All – Marketing Strategies      

The math is pretty convincing. Pokemon Go has been downloaded 7.5 million times since its USA debut last June, and is estimated to reach at least US $7 billion in market growth. Businesses in the States have been experimenting with ways to boost their brand presence, offline and online to maximize their profits.

As users walk around places to hunt Pokemon, companies like Joyride, IconoCLAD, Huge Agency and L’izinio Pizza Bar have found interactive ways to incorporate Pokemon Go rage, by ‘luring’ the crowd to drive massive traction to their businesses. Below you can find a few proven strategies on how to use Pokemon Go to market your businesses.


Combine Real-Life Interaction with Social Media Marketing

Joyride – Nashville’s based golf-cart tours introduced ‘Pokemon Go Tour’ by bringing customers to specific Pokemon landmarks around their town.

IconoCLAD – This clothing boutique was listed as one of the Pokestops, so they hung a simple signboard that reads “Gotta Catch ‘Em All, in Style” and the sign was eventually featured on Entrepreneur in turn boosted their brand presence. 


Nashville’s Joyride PokéTour Promotion


Boost Foot Traffic by Generating Check-Ins to Interact with Customers Online and Offline

McDonalds – McDonalds Japan has jumped on the Pokemon Go bandwagon by confirming that 3000 of their Japan outlets will be registered as designated Gym and PokeStop.

Huge Agency – Atlanta based advertising agency did some experiments on the Pokemon Go craze as a marketing tool by giving players a boost and ‘lure’ them to the stops. The campaign included providing 25 phone charging stations and a free steamed bun appetizer for Pokemon hunters who buy their coffee.

L’inizio Pizza Bar – Spent merely US $10 on the ‘lure’ module to tag their location on the Pokemon Go map and their sale amazingly increased by 75% the next weekend.


Pokemon Go Collaboration

McDonalds’s Japan Pokémon Go Promotion

Other Ways to Promote your Business Using Pokemon Go

There are thousands of websites offering many ways to market your businesses using this what might be the biggest game in recent times. Millions in revenue generated daily, market disruption all over the world through various tried and true strategies, your venture should be shouting from the rooftops right about now even before the wave hits our shores and let your consumers know that you are Pokemon Go-ready.

Like GrabCar’s PokeMobile that illustrates Charizard’s flaming tail, your business can have iconic Pokemon images and characters in your marketing collaterals to drive traction online and offline. Your marketing strategy should embrace collaboration and competition by requesting for your brick and mortar retailers as sponsored designated PokeGyms and PokeStops or you can simply use the Lure Module to drive traffic into your shop. If you have not prepared your Pokemon related marketing strategies, now is the right time so your startup can ride the wave and boost your sales!

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