SupaActive Jerico – SupaAgent of the Month (December 2017)

Our SupaAgent of the Month for December hails all the way from the Philippines which he describes as a place where “Christmas begins in September and ends on the second Sunday of January!”

Even through a short conversation in text with Jerico, you can really get a sense of his charming and exuberant personality; and just like the song ‘Baby Shark’ which he picked to best describe him, it can become quite infectious! Ultimately, Jerico says:

“I would like to spread happiness to everyone who’s around me”

As an avid lover of Marvel Comics and an undeniable fondness for M. Night Shyamalan’s work, you would expect Jerico to be camped under a blanket fortress or comfortably parked on a sofa. Although surprisingly, one of Jerico’s true passion is to take long adventures on his bike. Aside from the health benefits of riding, Jerico says that he truly feels free when he hops on and meanders his way through scenic routes – places which he would never have been able to access with a dull car or a bus ride. Just a quick glance at the pictures and you get a sense of the theme – Jerico, his bike, and an epic landscape. Although, during the times that he is indoors, either hard at work or even just relaxing, he also has the pleasure of enjoying Ming-Ming’s formidable companionship – that’s his pet cat!

Jerico on one of his scenic adventures with his bike

Jerico on one of his scenic adventures with his bike


Jerico was introduced to Supahands by a friend of his who was in the process of applying for a another work-at-home job and he has now been with us for 3 months since September. When asked what attracted to him to becoming a SupaAgent, he playfully suggested that initially the name itself was enough (we agree!); although, based on his time so far he had this to say:

“I realized that it’s not just the name that is SUPA in Supahands but also the PMs that I’ve worked with. Shout out to Charles, Susian, Joey, Shaza, Vincent, Hana and Loraine! You are all what this company is all about! Thanks for the support and the opportunity! I am forever grateful!”

Jerico also had some advice for other SupaAgents which a lot of us may also find relatable, he says:

“Aside from time management, working from home requires a lot of focus and discipline!”

And that is a valuable piece of advice, even when we bring back important work most of us have a hard time separating the two, with distractions such as our family members or even the caressing whispers of our oh-so-comfortable sofas. Although, as Jerico discovered, if we keep it together and pummel through what needs to be done, the results become greatly rewarding.

In his three months as a SupaAgent, Jerico says that he gained a lot from his experience. He voiced that being a SA taught him to be independent, learning to depend on himself to absorb and understand the different procedures for each project, expressing that this was quite in contrast to his previous job in a call center where he would go through an orientation period before a project. Jerico also made a point to mention that he enjoyed the opportunity to work with incredible people from all walks of life and places such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. However, the most interesting detail that we were amazed to discover was Jerico actually found one his classmates from Grade 2 on the SupaAgents platform – how crazy is that? Hey, Joseffe!

A rewarding view for his efforts!

A rewarding view for his efforts!

As a music lover, Jerico particularly enjoyed working with our PM Qistina on an Artist Curation project, although his self-confessed favourites were the Live Call projects, he says:
“I enjoy doing it because I get to talk to different people.”

At the summit with his friends and a grand backdrop

At the summit with his friends and a grand backdrop

An amazing insight from all of our previous SAs of the month was that they made meaningful friendships within our community and this is something we are very proud of at Supahands! Jerico is no different, since he became a SupaAgent in September, he has acquired a wealthy circle of friends including SA Aubrey whom he talks to on a regular basis and speaks highly of!

“Even if we haven’t met in person, I just know that he is good!”

Interested in being a SupaAgent? Click here to apply now!

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