SupaEfficient Serena – SupaAgent of the Month (November 2017)

Ask any of the earliest team members at Supahands to name a SupaAgent who has been with us for a long time, and they’ll most likely talk about Serena. She’s been with us for over 2 years and has even been through our transition from a B2C startup to a B2B service for businesses around the world. Read on to find out more about November’s SupaAgent of the Month.

After working with a multinational company for over 10 years, Serena felt that it was time to leave the hectic corporate world so that she could focus on other aspects of her life. That’s when she started volunteering as a social activist for a local NGO while helping out with her family’s business and being a SupaAgent at the same time.

A forest in New Zealand from Serena's travels

A forest in New Zealand from Serena’s travels


There are only a handful of SupaAgents among our 2,000-strong workforce who can recall what it was like when we first started. But we’re thankful that Serena was there to go through the different changes together with us. She fondly remembers some interesting tasks that were entrusted to her when Supahands was still a virtual assistant service provider. There was an element of surprise to what she would do everyday as she was communicating directly with individual customers. One particular task even required her to look for Mike Tyson’s contact details! Another experience that took Serena by surprise was building friendships with other SupaAgents and our Project Managers.

“I found beautiful friendships with not just 1 SupaAgent, but 3 other SupaAgents and 1 Project Manager when we were all selected to work on 2 projects together.”

Since Serena’s practically a pro-SupaAgent now, she has just one very important advice for our newer recruits – “Read the SOP (aka Standard Operating Procedure).” and we totally agree! SOPs are the guidelines by which we execute client projects everyday. Without an SOP, we’re unable to launch a project quickly and smoothly and recruiting the right SupaAgents for the job would be extremely difficult.

Portrait of a young girl at a children's home

Portrait of a young girl at a children’s home


Judging from her advice, you can probably gauge that Serena’s someone who is extremely disciplined and serious when it comes to work. But, if you’re not convinced, here’s a little insight into what a day in the life of Serena is like. This wonderwoman wakes up at the crack of dawn to practice either yoga or pilates before going off to her office for the day. She makes herself the most productive by doing either Supahands work or for the NGO that she’s with. If you think that’s not enough to keep someone busy, Serena is also an avid photographer who loves shooting landscapes and portraits of others, especially close friends of hers. In fact, all images in this blog post are her original work!

Another amazing landscape photo by Serena

Another amazing landscape photo by Serena

All of us here at Supahands HQ can definitely agree that Serena sets the standards really high for not just other SupaAgents but also for ourselves. For all her attention to detail, hard work and being one of the most reliable people we’ve ever worked with, Serena’s SupaAgent of the Month nomination was truly well deserved.

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