Our First SupaAgent of the Month Anniversary!

As the final Wednesday of the month rolls out, it’s always an exciting time for us at Supahands to announce our SupaAgent of the Month and post up an article about them on our blog – but this month is a bit different. Our SupaAgent veterans might already have an inkling, but for our newer additions to our SupaFam, perhaps it’s time to bring those purple Sharpies out and mark your calendars because our SupaAgent of the Month initiative turns one year old today!

Our SupaAgent of the Month features were introduced a year ago today as a way to highlight the exceptional contributions made by our  SupaAgents and which have been paramount to the success Supahands has experienced. And as the best way to commemorate this milestone, we thought it would only be fitting to post a throwback to celebrate our outstanding SupaAgents of the Months once again!

A collage of our exceptional SupaAgents!

Over the past year, the SupaAgent of the Month posts have given all of us an opportunity to get to know the members of our community beyond their roles as SupaAgents. One of the coolest things we’ve discovered is an interesting variety of hobbies which our SupaAgents indulge in during their free time, and these span from creative outlets all the way to seeking adventure in the outdoors. We came across SupaSkilled Nikka and SupaModest Jerwin who are two creative cookies equally passionate about designing and creating clothing; for Nikka it’s about creating all sorts of costumes and accessories for her children, and as for Jerwin, his t-shirt printing stall lifts its shutters open as the sun sets, and for him it is as much therapeutic as it is business.

Supahands Creative

Similarly, we’ve also come across a few adventure junkies such as SupaActive Jerico, who doesn’t hesitate to hop on his bike for long yet awesomely scenic routes (there are pictures to prove it!), or SupaOrganised Sarah who often finds herself tagging along on numerous hikes and beach adventures, and even SupaEfficient Serena who dedicates her free time as a volunteer social activist for local NGOs.

If anything else is clear from our posts, it’s the fact that there is no lack of experience or expertise amongst our SupaAgent community; and often when we ask our SAs of the month tell us about their background, we are quite amazed at the replies we get in return. In order to highlight the arsenal of skills, we need to look no further than some of our SupaMoms: we’ve got SupaDedicated Haraz who was the Personal Assistant to a Managing Partner at one of the world’s best resorts in Bali; SupaSkilled Nikka with an incredible 6 years of experience as a Risk Management Analyst in a call centre for JPMorgan Chase; and SupaBubbly Eileen with her wealth of experiences in a spectrum of industries from oil & gas to property prior to joining us. Although most admirably, all of our SupaMoms, including SupaDiligent Ruby, SupaAgent Hana, and SupaMum Kellyn, have made conscious decisions to exchange demanding corporate positions for flexible working hours so that they are able to spend more time with their children and family.

Supahands Organised

It has also been quite remarkable to see the commitment and motivation of our SupaAgents who have set a high standard for the quality of work that is constantly churned out. That being said, it’s easy to see that all of our SupaAgents of the Month also share commonalities which make them exceptional individuals – and that’s their admirable drive, level of organisation and sense of responsibility.


SupaAgent Nikka’s quote aptly characterises our SupaAgents of the Month:

“I’m a positive person who likes to excel at what I do, and I think the best way to do that is to constantly challenge myself to learn as much as I can and to perform to the best of my abilities every day.”

All of our SupaAgents of the month have shown an incredible level of discipline and time management in meeting their project deadlines, attention to detail in their work, as well as an ability to effectively multitask. In this sense, our SupaAgents of the Month truly embody what it takes to become the world’s most efficient workforce!

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