SupaBubbly Eileen – SupaAgent of the Month (Sept 2017)

It takes a special kind of person to be a SupaAgent. The work may be simple but it is definitely not the easiest because it can get tedious and repetitive. But for those who relish in the benefits that being a SupaAgent gives you, it can be a rewarding experience. That’s why bubbly and energetic new mother, Eileen is our SupaAgent of the month for September! Read on to learn more about her infectious energy.

Eileen’s impressive resume includes experiences in oil & gas, water treatment systems engineering, lighting and even a stint in the property industry. Her career was put on hold when she got pregnant and wanted to focus on having a healthy pregnancy and not go through the strains of working a full time job. When she stumbled across Supahands on social media earlier this year, Eileen admitted that she was sceptical at first but decided to give it a try after “stalking” us a fair bit to make sure that we were a legitimate company.

The fabulous SupaAgent Eileen

The fabulous SupaAgent Eileen


If there is one term we can use to describe Eileen, it would be “Energizer Bunny” as she is full of life and always ready to get started on project as soon as she hears the word “Go!”. It’s almost as if Eileen never gets tired as she works on SupaAgent projects with her faithful dog by her side as her newborn son, Jared is asleep. Even as she’s looking to go back into having a full-time job, she’s still intent on playing the role of a SupaAgent outside of the usual working hours.

When she’s not taking care of her son, or being a SupaAgent, Eileen is also a huge football fan. More specifically, this powerhouse is an Arsenal fan and even made it all the way to watch an Arsenal vs. Chelsea match at the Emirates Stadium for her honeymoon a few years ago.

One must wonder how she finds the drive to juggle so many things at a time and execute everything almost perfectly. Eileen credits the closest people around her to be her source of inspiration – her family. Her eldest brother taught her how to enjoy every moment of life and live it to the fullest whereas her husband, who is a self-made businessman also taught her that success can come to anybody. Even baby Jared had a part to play in this as he drives her to be the best role model for him as he grows up.

Eileen and baby Jared

Eileen and baby Jared

Even though the role of a SupaAgent is remote, it didn’t stop this SupaFriendly woman from becoming acquainted with not just other SupaAgents such as Kellyn, but also our “awesome” Project Managers Vincent, Bronwyn and Qistina whom she says make projects even more fun for her.

“I feel like I’ve known (Vincent, Bronwyn and Qistina) for so long already, even though we have never met in person before!”

It’s hard not to feel motivated to give 100% of our energy into our clients’ projects when we have so much enthusiasm from SupaAgents like Eileen. It’s a constant and positive reminder that Supahands exists not just for ourselves but for our SupaAgents and for our clients.

Eileen is just one of many awesome mothers in our SupaAgent community. Meet Hana, June’s SupaAgent of the Month who is also a megamom!

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