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Supplycart Invaded Supahands’ Office – It Was “Fruitful”!

Supplycart is a Malaysian company that can help you source, procure, manage, and restock your office needs, from food in the pantry to stationery.  Last week, we invited them to “invade” Supahands HQ in Bangsar South with the thing that they’re known for – fresh fruits, healthy and delicious snacks and plenty of industry knowledge to share. As we cozied up on our beanbags and exchanged ideas whilst munching on crunchy fresh apples, it became clear to us that this was a very insightful session that we’re happy to host in SupHQ. Here’s a quick recap of what went down.



Being very Malaysian, food was the main highlight of the visit. As soon as Supplycart team arrived at our office doors, they lid out some healthy snacks for us to nibble on. It was a pleasant change from the usual cookies and cake that grace our pantry counters. One of our Project Managers even commented that “they all look(ed) too healthy” and expressed her inability to process such healthy options.


Unsurprisingly, we got started on the food right away and were soon arguing over who got to keep the tin of raisins on their desk.

After managing to pry our attention away from the food, the Supplycart team then tested us on how well we knew each of our SupaColleagues. With some SupaSneaky Ninja skills, their team managed to randomly collect 10 items from desks around SupaHQ and we were then made to guess who each item belonged to.



Besides the food and fun, we also had a knowledge-sharing session between the Business Development and Marketing teams from both companies. It was definitely an insightful hour because Supplycart and Supahands are in quite similar field. While we specialise in outsourced business tasks, Supplycart are experts in the outsourced effort of managing an office’s stockpile. With both being B2B companies, we related a lot which each other on different level from the challenges of communicating your product to the right decision makers in a company, to whether conventional marketing method would work for businesses like ours.

One key lesson that we took away from this is that while clients are important for a business to grow, building long-lasting and strong relationships with other like-minded companies are also important as your network might eventually be the key driver to your business one day.


Thanks for the great time, Supplycart and we look forward to having you back here again!

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