The Perks of Flexible Outsourcing

As businesses move faster than ever before – staying efficient has become paramount in order to stay competitive. With that said, on-demand services have become ubiquitous – from ride sharing and content streaming to cloud computing. Solutions for businesses have also adapted, focusing on fulfilling demands as fast as possible and most importantly, staying flexible.

Outsourcing is no different, while companies cite cost effectiveness as a major proponent to their decisions of offloading tasks – today, having an outsourced team that is comparable to an on-demand service is highly beneficial to a business.

Suppose that you have a project with a data sheet of 10,000 rows to be processed. Say that data grew twice as much halfway through your timeline, what should you do? Meet the flexible outsourced team – adaptive with a large pool of resources at your disposal.

Here, we take a look at some of its benefits.


Supahands Work Together

 #1 You can scale your projects instantly

The cloud computing industry that involve big-boys like Amazon Web Services (AWS) has taught us that resources should match the workload at any given time.  As such, a flexible outsourced team provides the benefit of matching resources with your project’s workload – increasing headcount at the drop of a pin and reducing resources during downtime, saving turnaround time and allowing you to only pay for the resources used.


Supahands Right Skills For Right Job

#2 You get the right skills, every time

Recruiting is an arduous task. GlassDoor’s Economic Research showed that the average interview process takes 23 days which goes to shows that offering an ideal candidate a position is not only costly, but extremely time-consuming. While outsourcing is a great solution on its own, a common worry for any project lay in the capabilities of the people behind it.

However, a flexible outsourced workforce will ensure that a team is always built with the right skills for your project – saving you the effort of countless interviews or having a mismatched team handling the task.


Supahands | No Need To Manage

#3 You don’t have to fuss about managing

Internal or outsourced, the time needed to manage an entire team is a headache for any employer.

Additionally, a recurring project would then require the entire process to be repeated. A flexible outsourced team can help alleviate this by taking the management process off their hands, letting employers focus on the important aspects of the business.

Whether your project is one-off, recurring or dynamic, Supahands is ready to meet your needs. Our application assessments and post-project vetting ensures that over 1,300 of our cherry picked SupaAgents are well equipped and ready to be added into your crew. Coupled with a dedicated Project Manager that not only chooses the right people for your project but also trains, monitors and ensures that the quality of output puts a smile on your face.

If you’re looking to experience the benefits yourself – Get in touch with us today!


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