What Is A SupaAgent?

Have you ever been stuck in the midst of rush hour, dreading the long train ride to work or have you ever had to take a day off work because there was no one available to take care of your child? The chances are pretty decent that you’ve fantasized about working remotely at home at some point. Here at Supahands, our remote workforce – the SupaAgents – are the driving force behind the work that we do for AI companies around the world. So, what is a SupaAgent?

Our SupaAgents have been around ever since Supahands was formed in 2014,  SupaAgents are home-based workers from various parts of Southeast Asia and normally consist of students, young professionals or mothers who are looking for flexible jobs to earn extra income or additional working experience. Four years down the road and by mid-2018, we had grown from just 200+ SupaAgents in early 2017 to a total pool of 2,000+SupaAgents!


What does a SupaAgent do?

SupaAgents have a very important role in executing our clients’ projects – it is a job that requires a lot of discipline and attention to detail. Their daily jobs includes data management tasks such as verifying receipts, data entry and moderating images. These variety of tasks allow our SupaAgents to obtain different skills while also gaining some work experience from home. Fret not, although it is a home-based job, you won’t be left to work alone. Our team of Business Solutions Consultants are always available and ready to offer any support or guidance from the very start and will be with you through the entire duration of the project.

“I was excited to start working in Supahands because it makes me useful, it gives me opportunity to learn new things, to discover my potentials, enhance my skills and of course, earn while having fun.” – SupaOrganized Sarah


Being a SupaAgent is not just any home-based job. Aside from the numerous skills you will learn, you also get to enjoy the flexibility of deciding the times that suit when you can work from wherever you are. With this, you will also learn the importance of being organised and meticulous in managing your tasks because you need to always be on track. This is especially important for us to ensure the quality results we need from all our SupaAgents.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”


For the SupaFam, we know that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the successes that we’ve had so far without our SupaAgents. One of the things that keeps us united with a remote community is that we always find ways to show appreciation to one another and celebrate success.  



To give recognition to our SupaAgents, we introduced a SupaAgent of the month initiative where every end of the month, we showcase the best and most outstanding SupaAgents in our blog – getting to know them beyond their role as a SupaAgent.

We can’t stress enough how crucial the job is and that it is not as easy as it seems. The application process itself has a certain level of difficulty so that we can ensure that we recruit the best SupaAgents to maintain quality results – making the SupaAgent role a really exclusive one.

If this opportunity is something you’re looking for, the application process is really straightforward! First and foremost, you need to take our online assessment in order to qualify. Once you have successfully passed the assessment, we will then proceed with on-boarding and verification checks.

After that, you can start sending requests to join any available projects through Supahands Workplace. Our Business Solutions Consultants will respond to your requests and you can get on the project and start getting paid! To find out more, head on over to our SupaAgent website!


To get you inspired, start reading these stories from our recent SupaAgents of the month!

  • SupaPassionate Kevin – August 2018’s SupaAgent of the month!
    Kevin is our first male SupaAgent of the month from Indonesia and it really
    caught our attention when he told us that he grew up with 14 dogs! We love an
    animal lover and being one just shows that you have a big heart and a compassionate

  • SupaInspiring Kay –  July 2018’s SupaAgent of the month!
    Inspiring individuals are the apple of our eye for us – and in July, we got to know more about one of our longest-serving SupaAgents; Kay. Kay has been with us for two years so far and her commitment and always helpful attitude definitely makes her stand out.

  • SupaDreamer Joshua – June 2018’s SupaAgent of the month!
    Joshua has been with us for 3 whopping years despite only being 22 years old.
    Recognised for his undying desire to keep learning and improving, Joshua graduated
    with a first-class honours in Psychology while also fulfilling his role as a SupaAgent.

  • SupaSkilled Nikka – January 2018’s SupaAgent of the month!
    Going back in time a little bit to the beginning of the year, January’s SupaAgent
    of the moth is a really talented mother of two girls all the way from Philippines-
    she enjoys creating handbags, accessories and costumes for children.

  • SupaOrganized Sarah – April 2018’s SupaAgent of the month!
    If you haven’t met someone who is really passionate about organisation and;
    coordination, today is your lucky day! Sarah is a natural perfectionist and she
    finds happiness in having everything around her in order. This unique personality
    of hers definitely caught our eye, making her April’s SupaAgent of the month. 

  • SupaDiligent Ruby – March 2018’s SupaAgent of the month!
    March’s SupaAgent of the month greets us all the way from Batangas, Philippines!
    A mother of two, Ruby got to know about our SupaAgent job from her husband
    and she knew that it would provide her the perfect opportunity to work from
    home and be close to her family.

  • SupaModest Jerwin – February 2018’s SupaAgent of the month
    Jerwin has multiple interests ranging from basketball and even owns his very own
    T-shirt printing business by which he operates from home. He decided to leave
    His previous corporate job and find an option that would allow him to work from
    Home so he decided to join our SupaAgent community.

  • SupaActive Jerico – December 2017’s SupaAgent of the month
    Introduced to Supahands by a friend, Jerico from the Philippines is a charming and
    exuberant person, he has a heart for the outdoors and enjoys hiking or taking
    long adventures on his bike. When he is at home, he loves reading comics or
    spending time with his cat’ Ming-Ming.

  • SupaEfficient Serena – November 2017’s SupaAgent of the month
    Serena is also one of our longest-serving SupaAgents who has been with us for
    over 2 years! Serena’s main goal to become a SupaAgent was to get away from
    her initial hectic corporate job and focus with other aspects of life. So, the flexibility
    we provided gave her room to focus on volunteering and become a social activist.

  • SupaDedicated Haraz – October 2017’s SupaAgent of the month
    A highly experienced individual in the field of hotel management and hospitality,
    Haraz comes all the way from Indonesia. She was attracted to become a
    SupaAgent because her mother-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
    Because of this, Haraz and her husband decided to move to Jakarta to take
    Care of her. Being a SupaAgent helped Haraz financially on top of her full-time

  • SupaBubbly Eileen – September 2017’s SupaAgent of the month
    One of our many SupaMoms, Eileen grew her career in oil & gas and water
    treatment, but decided to make the move to leave her full-time job when
    she learned that she was pregnant. She wanted to focus on having a healthy
    pregnancy and when she came across us on social media, she then applied
    to become a SupaAgent.

  • SupaDriven Terance – August 2017’s SupaAgent of the month
    Terance joined us in April 2017 as a medical graduate who wanted to earn some
    savings that could help him look for a job abroad. When he found out about Supahands
    through a friend, he was already busy with university projects and job applicants but he
    was attracted to the opportunity to earn money flexibly.

  • SupaAgent Dewi – July 2017’s SupaAgent of the month
    Dewi previously worked as a Software Engineer in Surabaya, Indonesia and decided to move back to her hometown to take care of her aging parents. She  began exploring options for a steadier online job to which she came across the SupaAgent opportunity and decided to apply
    for it.

  • SupaAgent Hana – June 2017’s SupaAgent of the month
    A mum with a cute little daughter, Hana was attracted to become a SupaAgent
    knowing that she could work on different jobs for exposure. She juggles her time
    between being a SupaAgent and becoming a freelancer video-editor on top of her mummy duties like a true expert.

  • SupaMum Kellyn – May 2017’s SupaAgent of the month
    Kellyn is a mother of two children and her dog, Kenji. She balances her busy life
    with  two jobs – her full-time job and being a SupaAgent to help her pay her bills.
    she was attracted to become a SupaAgent because she wanted to use her skills
    so help others and learn something new each time.




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