Introduction to Predictive Routing

“You wouldn’t put a square peg in a round hole”

As the old adage goes, we are always on the lookout for the right people that suit the task at hand. When dealing with a smaller pool of talent as well as a single project that lacks the requirement of specification, it’s relatively simple to match who goes where and who does what. But what happens when what we are dealing with is “SupaSized” with a larger volume of tasks and the pool of talent is exponentially larger as well? Naturally, time required for manually finding the right fit is unrealistically increased and the room for human error is larger than ever. In the interest of an error-resistant time saving measure, say hello to DIANE, Supahands’ own predictive routing technology.

Predictive routing is an automated process via the use of complex algorithms to match the correct people with the most suitable task at hand depending on their skillset. Predictive routing is commonly associated with call centre operations where the most suitable operator is automatically matched with a customer based on past performance and personal strengths.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, think of predictive routing as the Sorting Hat which uses magic to sort new Hogwarts students into the most suitable houses according to their disposition and character. Predictive routing is very much the same thing, just with technology instead of magic.

Harry Potter's Sorting Hat

Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat

At Supahands, the backbone of the business revolves around our crowd of SupaAgents who execute the tedious work assigned by the clients. Our SupaAgents undergo rigorous assessments to “unlock” their specializations and skillsets. They are also rated according to projects that they have worked on in the past. All this data is collected, stored and put through DIANE that matches them to upcoming projects from our clients. After toiling through manual matching for the longest time, we have finally developed and launched the first phase of our very own in-house predictive routing system.

Studies have shown that to a customer, the experience with a company is just as, or if not more important than the end result. Using proprietary AI-driven algorithms has helped us at SupaHands achieve an increased level of accuracy and an elevated quality of work and execution. Being able to precisely match our SupaAgents to a project that best suits their strengths has also improved customer satisfaction ratings considerably compared to the old manual matching methodology.

Matching SupaAgents to projects is like finding the piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly

Matching SupaAgents to projects is like finding the piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly

In the age of information and innovation, the potential for the technology is boundless. As customer requirements grow more and more complex, Supahands will continue to build and develop scalable solutions to support a growing remote workforce with different backgrounds and skillsets to bring closer, more “perfect” matches to our clients. As the shapes become less geometric and more non-standard, so too will the crowd of SupaAgents, having a fit for just about every hole which makes it the perfect accompaniment to machine learning companies as the emphasis on quality data sets increases.

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