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Sunway University Career Talk: How To Find Out If Working In A Startup Is For You

So, what is it like to work with a startup? What can you expect? Previously, we shared an article about the benefits of working in a startup environment that you can check out. To add, Supahands’ Community Manager, Su Yin Voon, had a talk at Sunway University to share her first hand experience working with one – us! If you’re considering being part of the startup community, here are 6 things for you to ponder on.

Su Yin Voon, Community Manager of Supahands during Sunway University Career Talk


#1 You’ll get to learn many things

Sometimes working in a startup requires you to do different things that is out of your job scope. According to Su Yin, “You will have to wear many hats in a startup and sometimes it’s not by choice. This great for those who want to learn beyond their “department” and to also be able to learn about what it takes to grow a business, which you may not get to experience while in a corporate.”


#2 It’s not glamorous

Working in a startup may not look like what you see in the movies or TV shows. The pay and perks may not be the best in town compared with the bigger companies. More often than not, the rewards you receive depends on the startup you are working for and also the project you are on – which is why it is important to ask questions about your job scope during the interview process and also ask to be given an idea about the tasks you’ll be possibly doing. This way, you may be able to know how you well you can progress career wise.


#3 Be part of an integral role in the creation of a product/ process

Su Yin believes  that when you’re in a startup, things may not be very simple and processes can often be super manual. So, if you’re a person that needs to know what the next step is, working at a startup can be frustrating at times. However, it’s not all that bad because sometimes you get the chance to come up with the processes yourself and that gives you a sense of ownership in the early stages of your career that you may struggle to find in a larger organisation.


#4 Not ideal for slackers

Startups usually consist of small teams so you can’t get away with slacking – everyone will know. Being in an innovative environment, we always looking for ways to improve. If you’re wanting to make positive contributions somewhere – startups are the perfect place because they truly need as many hands as possible.


#5 You’re looking for a company with flat structure

In many startups, there’s usually not much place for hierarchy. Of course this is different from one startup to another, but chances are, your boss is not much older than you and he/she would probably hold the same view. Also, it’s nice because you don’t feel that you have to hold yourself back if you have an idea that you’d like to discuss with your colleagues. You are allowed to have opinions, as long as they are constructive.


#6 Culture is important to you

“More often than not, startups provide you with a great learning and fun environment. Again, every company is different and it’s still important to find out whether the company culture suits you. At Supahands, besides working hard, we also like to have fun – We have hiking trips and play sports together. It’s a nice environment that makes it conducive for work,” she said.


So, what do you think? Would you like a taste of the startup life? If you think that you’re the right fit for a startup environment, check out Supahands! Our squad is growing fast and we’re currently looking for SupaAwesome talent to join us as interns or be part of our Tech, Designer, Sales and Operations team.

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