4 Actionable Plans You Could Do To Kick Start Your 2017 With A Bang

2017 is here! For some of us, 2016 has been rather rough. It’s alright because you now have another chance to make it right. Metaphorically, it’s like having a brand new book with many blank pages; and you have the power to plot the story. Isn’t that exciting? So, let’s begin this new year on the right note. If you’re still trying to figure on how to make things better for your business growth, we got that covered for you.  Here are some worthy actionable plans you should consider, to start the year with a BANG!


#1 Start Your Day Earlier

Start your day early

If you haven’t been practising this, maybe it’s time. Try setting your alarm at least two hours before you have to be at work.  While the feeling of snoozing that alarm clock is great, let’s admit that it’s killing your mornings. Use this time to check your unread e-mails and plan your day ahead. By doing so, you will be able to make time for the important things.


#2 Apply The ‘New & Improved’ Approach For Your Business

We’re not saying that you should rock the boat, but if you can do it better – WHY NOT? For example, if you have a high-traffic post on your blog – do something to leverage on it. Meanwhile, if you notice that something isn’t working out, change it.  For instance, if you used to have long and unproductive weekly meetings – set your team’s priorities, change the approach, make them short and set clearer goals for everyone to follow. The key is to strive for improvements and better results.


#3 Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

As an entrepreneur, you’re often taught that you need to be self-reliant and decisive. You might also have convinced yourself that to be an effective leader you need to be the one with all the answers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new entrepreneur or a tried-and-tested veteran, you need to know that it is OKAY to ask for help. Be REALISTIC. If there’s something that can be automated – do it. If you don’t have time to manage your work – hire a personal assistant. If your hands are full and you need to outsource some work – consider it.

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#4 Be A Mentor To Your Team


With hectic workloads, leaders tend to overlook the importance of supporting your employees to become the best at what they do. We’re not saying that you should babysit and micromanage them, but  it is vital to recommit your role as a mentor – a person who empowers those who work for you. Help your team develop skills and lead them to achieve those goals, instead of leaving them running around cluelessly. Keep in mind that  if they succeed, the company succeeds and naturally, so will you.


There you are – the actionable plans for 2017. They may look easy and simple, but to execute takes will, time, determination and even some empathy . To end this on a lighter note – don’t be too hard on yourself and may the force be with you.


Happy New Year, everyone!

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