Supahands Completes Pre-A Funding Round, Launches Workplace Automation Tool With State-of-the-Art Routing Technology – First of Its Kind in Southeast Asia

Supahands' Co-founders, Mark (left) & Susian (Right)
Supahands’ Co-founders, Mark (left) & Susian (Right)

Supahands completes its Pre-A funding round and subsequently launches the latest version of their in-house work automation tool – Workplace. This comes with the introduction of DIANE, a state-of-the-art auto-routing technology that helps project managers create the perfect team around clients and projects.  

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Sep 14 2017 – Malaysian-grown data enrichment service provider, Supahands, is entering the tech innovation space following the announcement of their pivot into a B2B business model in March 2017.

Founders Mark Koh and Susian Yeap completed a pre-A funding round with Axiata Digital Innovation Fund leading the round along with Cradle Seed Ventures. The investment comes at a time when the company turns its attention to focus on building technology that reinvents the way businesses everywhere stay productive. Their technological milestone in 2017 came in July with the introduction of Workplace – a project management tool for Supahands’ operations team of Project Managers and their entire fleet of over 1,500 curated remote workers based around 3 countries in Southeast Asia known as SupaAgents.

2 months after Workplace officially launched, Supahands released their latest update with a new predictive routing algorithm that the team have been working on since January 2017. Supahands’ Digital Innovation Assistant for kNowledge Engineering or DIANE for short, enables Supahands’ Project Managers to rapidly kick off projects by recommending SupaAgents for each project based on its nature and each agent’s data including their skillset. For example, we have the data for each agent’s skills, experience with past and similar projects as well as their own individual ratings.

This is done with what is known as a graph database which is an advanced method of matching datasets with each other. It operates like parts of the technology that powers Facebook’s “People You May Know” feature and Netflix’s recommendation system. The inspiration for DIANE came after Koh and Yeap realised that by leveraging off their strong tech assets and automating as many internal processes as possible, they have potential for growth in this area of expertise. That way, they can focus on a key issue that is affecting businesses everywhere – unavoidable day-to-day processes that are manual and simple, but necessary, and often time-consuming.

Supahands Workplace eliminates the need for back-and-forth e-mail communication between one Project Manager and the company’s 1,500+ SupaAgents across 3 different countries in Southeast Asia. The inclusion of DIANE within the system eliminates the time for Project Managers to select the right SupaAgents for a project. Since all SupaAgents are rated and assessed internally, DIANE has a lot of data to help it match the perfect set of SupaAgents for a project.

With “Automation” being arguably the hottest buzzword of 2017, Workplace and DIANE exist to showcase the positive impact that artificial intelligence can have on human productivity.


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