SupaSkilled Nikka – SupaAgent of the Month (January 2018)

If it ever was so fitting, our SupaAgent of this month can most accurately be described as the Jill of all trades, whilst being the master of time, organisation and spirit.

A mother of two beautiful girls, Nikka resides in the renowned ‘Queen City of the South’ in a country known for its cultural diversity founded upon a rich cauldron of diaspora- Cebu, Philippines. Nikka herself is an embodiment of this, being the eldest daughter of a Filipino-Spanish mother and a Japanese father, as well as a spouse to a Filipino-Turk!

SupaAgent Nikka
SupaAgent Nikka

Nevertheless, Nikka also displays her exceptional individuality as a keen hobbyist and a mother with manifold talents.  A holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the Cebu Doctors’ University, a career in the field of Medicine changed directions when Nikka realised her goals had also changed.

“I’m a person who thrives in a fast-paced environment. I love learning new things and am always on a  lookout for new opportunities to develop and grow within my role, whether that’s learning new skills or taking on a new project.”

Before joining us in November 2016, Nikka already had more than 6 years of experience in a call center as a Risk Management Analyst and an assistant trainer in the Fraud Department of JPMorgan Chase. As a headstrong and career-driven character, she met all of her quality score targets on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Inevitably, a brief year later, Nikka was appointed as the Point of Contact!

“I’m a positive person who likes to excel at what I do, and I think the best way to do that is to constantly challenge myself to learn as much as I can and to perform to the best of my abilities every day.”

As all mothers are, Nikka finds comfort in family activities and welcomes it as an opportunity to revitalise herself for the week ahead. Nikka is a devoted mother to her two children, spending most of her free time bonding with them playing, painting and cooking.

Nikka and her two daughters
Nikka and her two daughters

“They are the driving force in my life: sweet, funny, smart and everything in between…How I wish we could keep them as kids forever.”

Amongst her many talents, Nikka is especially passionate about designing and creating handbags, accessories and costumes for children. As she creates, it gives her an immense sense of pride when her daughters bring her creations to life which motivates her to make even more. You can check out Nikka’s work for yourself through her Facebook page!

Nikka was referred to Supahands by a close friend of hers, and after doing research of her own, she decided that joining us as a SupaAgent could be a potential fit for her. As a mother first, Nikka most valued the choice of working flexible hours at home; and as a versatile individual, her decision to apply was prompted by the variation of tasks offered.

Nikka celebrating with her friends and family
Nikka with her friends and family

Organisation has been one of the common traits amongst all of our previous SupaAgents of the Month and there have always been insights which we can apply ourselves. Comparably, Nikka performs exceptionally as a SupaAgent whilst keeping on top of her other commitments by referring to her to To-do lists! She keeps a master list encompassing everything she needs to get done in order of priority; similarly,  she also keeps one for every assignment she is handling enabling her to designate her focus to tasks on deadlines. Definitely, something worth trying!

During the time that she has been with us, Nikka expresses that being a SupaAgent has opened up opportunities and brought new learning experiences. Accordingly, the tasks she enjoyed the most include receipt reviewing and product uploading which she says has helped hone her eye for detail. Nikka also possesses a mindset which allows her to perform at a distinguished level and churn out quality work, deservedly making her the SupaAgent of the Month:

“As straightforward as the job may be, it needs focus to ensure accuracy thus lowering or removing errors completely.”

As always, even though our SupaAgents work remotely, we have the pleasure to identify with them as part of a vibrant community. Nikka had this to say about our BizOps Managers:

“To Shaza, Loraine, Qistina and Vincent, your management and interpersonal skills have won you many admirers. You are all truly a great inspiration for me. Accept my heartfelt gratitude for your time, support, and patience.”

Similarly, like many others, Nikka also found friendship amongst her peers. She speaks fondly of Jessica and Nevalyn with whom she constantly exchanges messages (in ‘Bisaya’) and looks forward to meeting in person someday!

Interested in being a SupaAgent after hearing Nikka’s story? Click here to apply now!


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