SupaModest Jerwin – SupaAgent of the Month (February 2018)

Our SupaAgent of the month resides in Quezon City, the largest city in the Philippines by area and population, even heralded as the country’s capital at one point!

In a sentence, SupaAgent Jerwin, is a humble and positive character with broad interests and talents. According to him, the song which describes him best is Basket Case by Green Day – for all that, after you read this article you’ll come to understand why that’s grossly misleading at best. Jerwin enjoys playing basketball and based on a hunch, occasionally plays the air guitar to some of his favourite punk bands.

Jerwin Feb SAotM

SupaAgent Jerwin

Although, as an ardent fan of the DC Comics, nothing excites him like the comic books for The Batman and The Flash franchises. Trust me, I could tell from our conversation on Supahive about the upcoming animated movies, ‘Batman Ninja’ and ‘Death of Superman’.

After spending a great measure of his time in a traffic-ridden commute and a grueling corporate job, Jerwin decided he would rather work from home. In a sort of lucky alignment, he chanced upon Supahands online and has been with us as a SupaAgent since April of last year.

Jerwin is an individual who shows a lot of dedication to his work: in the number of hours he contributes, the superb quality of his work and his reputation as a helpful member of the Supa community. Most of us have been introduced to the experience of juggling priorities with time, and as we know, it is not an easy task. Nonetheless, a testament to impeccable time management, Jerwin capably balances being an effective SupaAgent by day and moonlighting as the owner of a nifty T-shirt printing business at night – a duality not unlike The Bat of Gotham Quezon City! As he writes:

“I have small t-shirt printing business that I take care of. Since I started working at home, I’ve had plenty of time on my hands to do whatever I want. I haven’t had troubles yet with time management!”

On top of effective time management, Jerwin is also amazing in his ability to efficiently multitask. Asked about his favourite project, he says:

“I recently had a project that was easy and fun. It was Geo tagging for a vehicle rental app. I was able to do it while dialing for my main project.”

Nightfall in Quezon CIty

Nightfall in Quezon City

Responsibility is often the route to growth and a positive outlook goes a long way in preparing you for whatever lies ahead – it’s easy to say SupaAgent Jerwin is a stranger to neither. Supporting both his parents and his 17 year old sister, Jerwin’s sense of responsibility is unrivalled and his resolve is nothing short of admirable. As he explains:

“Working remotely is definitely a’s very easy to meet, so I don’t get burned out working… I just print on the shirts at night. I can’t even consider it as added work since it’s therapeutic after a whole day of making calls.”

During his time, Jerwin like many also managed knit a close group of friends: Darryl, Ruby, Joseffe and Karla, to whom he constantly speaks to (although, this article may come as a surprise to them!). Jerwin also built a lasting impression with one of our Project Managers, Charles, who commented on his amazing job with the calling projects and helping out by showing the ropes to new agents – as such, the nomination was well deserved!


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