SupaDiligent Ruby– SupaAgent of the Month (March 2018)

Our SupaAgent of the month greets us all the way from Batangas, a magnetic province in Philippines that many tourists frequent during their summer vacations. One can unwind in its tranquil beaches, discover a rich cultural heritage, or even seek adventure near the active Taal Volcano!

SupaAgent Ruby is a diligent and high-spirited mother with a quirky sense of humor. Alongside a supportive partner of 10 years, Daryl, or ‘Pag-ibig’ as she calls him,  she currently cares for a 6 year old boy and a 2 year old girl, Heineken and Hennessy – named after our couple’s favourite drinks from their youthful days!

Ruby's adorable children
Ruby’s adorable children

Ruby and her family are admittedly movie buffs for animated films, covering the spectrum from the works of Pixar Studios, to Marvel, and even to anime such as One Piece! Asked where she would go if she could teleport to anywhere in the universe, Ruby geeked, choosing Asgard, the Kingdom of Thor, to warn the blonde hunk about Thanos. Although, when time comes for some outdoor activities, nothing seems to deter younglings Heineken and Hennessy from swimming – and who can blame them given those incredibly scenic beaches!

“As a family, we love watching movies together and of course, the kids’ all time favourite activity: swimming…swimming…swimming!”

Ruby and her partner, Daryl
Ruby and her partner, Daryl

Like most of Southeast Asia, Ruby is especially passionate about food! An eager cook who took after her father, she relishes in preparing homely dishes for her family such as her children’s favourite, the ‘Pork Sinigang’. Other times, Ruby is an adventurous chef who loves to replicate cooking videos – anyone who has ever attempted this will surely attest to instructions which are notoriously difficult to follow. Often, it is quizzing when the final outcome is a casual three or four shades away or a different colour altogether. In any event, this is not the case for Ruby as her ‘Hainanese Chicken Rice’ and ‘Marbled Eggs’ have garnered the approval of Heineken and Hennessy!

In today’s society, success is often misdefined by our careers, and in pursuit we unwillingly sacrifice important aspects of life. As with all SupaMoms who have joined us, Ruby exceptionally values the time she is able to spend with her children. Although, with her previous work at a BPO, she found herself in a zombiesque mode, working the droning graveyard shifts with little sleep and no time for her family.

“As a Mom, I want to be with my kids all the time so I can see them grow and learn new things. I don’t want to miss school events – I want them to feel that we are always there for them.”

Interestingly, Ruby actually came across Supahands through her husband; as it turns out, Daryl is also part of our community as a SupaAgent himself! It is not often we get to hear about our SupaDads, and Ruby spoke affectionately while describing SupaAgent Daryl:

“My ‘Pag-ibig’ (hubby) is a responsible man, working from midnight ’til dawn and yet still manages to send our son to school every noon so I can do my live calls. This supportive man is my drive”

Currently, Ruby’s favourite project as a SupaAgent are the live calls, although, she is frequently involved in multiple projects of different natures. She enjoys the interactions and finds growth opportunities in being efficient, such as executing receipt reviewing tasks while waiting for the calls for live call projects to connect. More importantly, Ruby is always around when Heineken and Hennessy get back from school, famished for some ‘Pork Sinigang’!

Ruby's efforts as a SupaAgent help support her family of 4
Ruby’s efforts as a SupaAgent help support her family of 4

Since her onboarding, SupaAgent Ruby has deservedly been commended by our Project Managers for her consistent efforts and quality work, as well as being an outstanding member of the community! Similarly, Ruby had this to say about our Project Managers:

“Project Managers are unique in their own ways but they have the same goals, to guide & motivate us SupaAgents. Hats off to Shaza, Sunnie, Qistina & Loraine for your encouragement to excel . Thank you very much.”

Inclusivity is a foundational and defining characteristic of the SupaFam which we’ve built together; and amongst her relationships with our Project Managers, Ruby has also nurtured friendships with many of her fellow SupaAgents including Jerwin, Darryl, Mae, Edeliza, Nevalyn & IJ!

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