SupaOrganized Sarah – SupaAgent of the Month (April 2018)

We always say that it takes a special type of person to work as a SupaAgent, or just any freelancing jobs in general. Without the constraints of an office environment, it takes discipline and planning in order to make the most out of a career as a freelancer. Speaking to April’s SupaAgent of the month, Sarah, about how she organizes her time really showed us how she made the most out of her role as a SupaAgent so far.

Sarah on one of her many hikes with her friends

You don’t always hear people tell you how passionate they are about coordination. But that was exactly what Sarah adoringly spoke about when we chatted with her. After leaving her corporate job to focus on working with her motivational speaker, author and consultant husband, Sarah was looking for an option that’d fit in with her complicated schedule and give her opportunities to grow.

Then, in June 2017, Sarah’s brother told her about being a SupaAgent with us and she saw beauty in the flexibility and potential of the role.

“I was excited to start working in Supahands because it makes me useful, it gives me opportunity to learn new things, to discover my potentials, enhance my skills and of course, earn while having fun.”

Supahands supaagent
Supporting her husband’s work

Like many of our other SupaAgents, Sarah juggles multiple roles at the same time. On top of helping out her husband with his job and being a SupaAgent, she is also an event planner. I think you can pretty much tell by now from her career choices that Sarah’s a detail-oriented perfectionist who loves coordinating and executing project work.

Used to being a lone ranger when she’s focusing on work, Sarah has found the SupaAgent community to be helpful in developing her communication skills, and showcasing her personality to other SupaAgents and our project managers from different countries.

“Vincent and Susian are both amazing and outstanding. I look to them not only as project managers but also as friends from afar…”

Not content with leading a sedentary lifestyle, Sarah also keeps herself busy and active through hikes, beach adventures and dreams of travelling the world one day. If all else fails, she also sees herself opening up her own event agency or a cafe just to challenge herself with new experiences. But for now, the flexibility and opportunity for growth within all the roles that she currently juggles is enough to keep her super productive and on her feet constantly.

supahands supaagent
Sarah and her husband at Boracay Island

At Supahands, we’re on the constant lookout for ways to be hyper-efficient and seek knowledge at all stages of our lives and careers. We have to admit, it’s a beautiful surprise for us when these values and our culture have also spilled over to our remote SupaAgents – many of whom we have yet to have the opportunity to meet in person (maybe one day!).

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