SupaDreamer Joshua – SupaAgent of the Month (June 2018)

You’d be easily proven wrong if you think that Joshua was “just another entitled millenial”. He is so much more than that and we have had the pleasure of watching him grow throughout the 3 years that he has been with us. Yup, that’s right! At only 22-years old, Joshua is one of the most experienced SupaAgents within the community, having personally seen us grow and scale up over the years.

Learning and knowledge is an important value to us here. So, Joshua was chosen as June’s SupaAgent of the Month because of his undying desire to keep learning and improving. Read more about his dreams and the people who molded him into the driven graduate that he is today.

SupaAgent Joshua & SupaAgent Jia Han
Say hi to SupaAgents Jia Han (left) and Joshua (right)

Joshua is definitely not the type to complain about not having enough time in a day to do what he wants to do. This talented Psychology student graduated with first-class honors while fulfilling his role as a SupaAgent on top of various other responsibilities such as indulging in his passion in cryptocurrency.

To him, taking initiative and persistence are important traits that will take him places. He puts his adaptability down to the responsibilities that he picked up as a SupaAgent and living independently since he was 20. But he also credits having the right people around him as his support system too. His girlfriend of 4 years, Sam, is always there for him, and he has friends like Jia Han and Justin whose honesty and motivation push him to learn different things. Fun fact: Jia Han was the one who told Joshua about us in the first place (thanks Jia Han!).

Of course, being a SupaAgent isn’t a solitary experience at all. We have come to realise that it’s the community makes us totally unique. For the SupaMums, it’s reassuring and motivating to know that there are many SupaAgents with young children and households of their own.

“I believe that Supahands is so much more than just an outsourcing platform; it is where relationship ties can be built and strengthened in a community through the process of working for a cause.”

For Joshua, he reminisces about staying up late and working on projects with SupaAgents Jia Han and Khor Yik, helping each other out and enjoying each other’s support and companionship. On top of that, Joshua also realised how important it is to have project managers who are just as supportive and easy to communicate with.

SupaAgent Joshua & Sam
All together now – “Awwwwwwww!”

At the risk of giving away our age, I think I can honestly say that we’re all really proud to watch how much Joshua has grown since he joined us. Although we have never met him in person, it still feels like we’re a part of his life in some way.

“It felt like a family upon entering the Supahands community. A family stringent enough to point out your mistakes and supportive enough to help you correct them.”

It’s not everyday that you get to form a strong bond with people remotely and we’re always grateful for having a extremely welcoming and talented community of remote online microtaskers.

So, what’s next for Joshua? He’s a self-proclaimed blockchain fanatic who’s already on the hunt to work for a blockchain company so that he can gain enough experience to hopefully have a blockchain startup of his own as well. He’s even planning on getting some coding experience too just to get more exposure to the tech scene.

Regardless of where life takes him, we’re pretty confident that Joshua will do exceptionally well and we’ll be there to support him every single step of the way!


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