SupaInspiring Kay – SupaAgent Of The Month (July 2018)

We understand that it takes a lot to be inspired and we are exceptionally inspired by July’s SupaAgent of the month – Kay; as she shared with us her two-year journey as a SupaAgent so far. Her commitment and always-helpful attitude definitely makes her stand out and these qualities are one of the many values we look for in our remote agents.

Before Kay joined us as a SupaAgent, she was fully-committed to a corporate job to which she realized wasn’t something she wanted back then. Kay decided to take a leap of faith and left her career in search of a more flexible option. One fine day, while looking online for ways to earn as a freelancer, our SupaAgent ad caught her eye and this marked the beginning of her time with Supahands.

Meet Kay – July’s  SupaAgent of the month!

Being a SupaAgent equipped her with a vast number of skills and values that she learnt from our Business Solutions Consultants while also providing the chance to discover her strengths and weaknesses. Eventually,  the SupaAgent experience prepared her to finally jump-start a new full-time career in an IT company. But it doesn’t stop there! Kay is now juggling her time as a SupaAgent while attending to her full-time job.

She’s a huge Gary Vaynerchuk fan who believes that one should instill the dedication to focus on working on your strengths and what’s best for you. She shared her favorite quote with us which is one by the insightful Gary Vaynerchuk;

“Whether you’re 9 or 90, stop trying to fix the things you’re bad at, and focus on the things you’re good at”.

Kay’s love for self-improvement holds a very powerful lesson as it reminds us to never stop believing in ourselves and always work on our self-growth. Coincidentally, these perceptions and points of view are key to the Supahands culture and is something we live by everyday.

For someone who loves lending a helping hand, Kay explains that if she were given the opportunity to make a change, she would make the world a better place for everyone. She tries to find ways to gradually turn this dream into a reality by taking part in voluntary work and one of her best volunteering experiences was when she helped autistic teenagers in guiding them to be more independent.

Kay in action during her voluntary experience with the autistic teenagers!

She explains how rewarding volunteering makes her feel and it also builds a sense of pride knowing that you can make a difference in someone’s life;

“In my work, I am passionate about helping others succeed”.

Having a big heart in helping others has naturally displayed Kay as a role-model SupaAgent and her story has also motivated us to create change for the better. We are truly moved by Kay’s unrelentless passion to give back to the community, making her an inspiring SupaAgent to work with and well deserving of July’s SupaAgent of the Month!


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