SupaPassionate Kevin – SupaAgent of the month (August 2018)

Bogor earned its nickname “City of Rain” because of the constant rainfall that the Indonesian city gets all year round (even during the “dry” season!). But, that doesn’t reflect in Kevin’s personality at all. He loves living in Bogor because of its cooler climate and greenery fuels his nature-loving soul.

On the outside, Kevin may seem like your standard 22-year old – a young adult who enjoys watching movies and TV shows or playing the occasional computer game – but we spotted a unique drive in him that led to his nomination as August’s SupaAgent of the Month.

Kevin is the youngest in his family and has an elder brother whom is 18 years older than him! They are huge animal lovers and at one point, they even had 14 dogs but because the number was too big to handle, they could only keep and manage 5 dogs. With hopes to contribute to his family’s financial needs while also earning some savings for himself, Kevin started looking for an online job that could support that dream. He found out about being a SupaAgent through his friend Jonathan and they both ended up joining us at the same time.

A view of Mount Salak, and its city; Bogor, that’s full of greenery

It is not easy to find a community that’s conducive enough for you to truly feel a sense of belonging and for Kevin, his journey with the SupaAgent community has been an experience like no other: since day one, Kevin was welcomed with open arms and everyone (Business Solutions Consultants and other SupaAgents) has been very kind and patient with him.

“Being a part of the SupaAgent community has taught me the value of their kindness which has allowed me to grow.”

We understand that working from home may not be for everyone as it’s difficult to stay motivated. However, it is always good to know what drives you to focus so that whatever environment you are in, you can find a way to adjust to it and continue to work well. One of the ways that keeps Kevin motivated and on track is by listening to music – he finds that if he listens to the right songs, his motivation and productivity level also increases.

Say hello to Kevin!

Measuring your effectiveness and knowing what makes you effective are also very important when you do any form of work. Kevin always looks for ways to do things better and one of his methods is to have all his SupaAgent tasks planned out at the beginning of every month.

With proper planning, he is able to keep track of his upcoming to-do’s and follow a proper schedule to make sure he reaches his weekly and monthly goals. This practice can also increase the quality of your work because it will allow you to have a more positive mind and way of working.

Having passion and ambition are also beliefs that we share entirely and for Kevin, he has a really big heart for creativity where his main interest is writing. During his past time, Kevin enjoys writing stories out of his imagination – simply boosting his creative juice. He dreams to become a known screenwriter, movie producer or a film director one day – hoping to bring his stories to life and inspire people with them; and these interests and passion are the many simple things that makes Kevin happy. It’s really good to have hobbies and interests that encourages you to develop and grow while building awesome skills. 

Driven and compassionate by nature, Kevin also dreams of a day when he can change the world and create a safe environment for children and women – a place that is protected from any harm or abuse. Seeing how cruelly and violently some women and children are being treated all over the world, he wants nothing but to help these communities by creating a safer environment for them because he believes that no child or woman should ever have to feel unsafe, no matter where they are.

Being dedicated, ambitious and having a passionate soul definitely reflects in Kevin’s personality throughout his SupaAgent journey and these are some of the values that we truly cherish as a SupaFam. Kevin’s story has also motivated us to want to be better and chase our dreams, and we hope that it has inspired you too!

Interested in being a SupaAgent after reading Kevin’s story? Click here to apply now!


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