SupaHelpful Dawn- SupaAgent of the month (September 2018)

What happens when your whole family loves singing and decides to name you after a song? You get Delta Dawn, our SupaAgent of the month! Dawn or ‘Dee’ is from the sunny city of Cebu, Phillipines. The loving mom of 2 daughters claims to lack the singing talent as her family members, but she has a knack for cooking and traveling.

Supaagent Dawn
Dawn at Universal Studios Singapore

Previously working as an ESL (English as Second Language) teacher, Dawn was living what she saw as a mundane and repetitive life and realised that she was starting to lose her touch on her technical skills, such as Microsoft Excel and other office management software. She needed a fresh start, something convenient and flexible that also allowed her to continuously learn. One day, her friend (who was already a SupaAgent) recommended Supahands as an option. She was initially hesitant about signing up to be a SupaAgent because of the tough assessment. Yet, her desire to learn and do better motivated her to give it a shot. And she did it! Fun fact: Only 25% of all applicants pass the SupaAgent assessments. So you know they’re a unique and talented bunch! 

“I love the convenience that Supahands offers to people like me who have a lot in their plate…”

Since then, Dawn has been actively doing projects and participating in the SupaAgent community. She’s extremely attentive to the questions of others and enjoys assisting our Client Success Managers in whatever way she can. It’s only her 2nd month here, but she has been of tremendous help in answering other SupaAgents’ questions. She is known to patiently give guidance and advice for those in need, especially newer SupaAgents. Reaching out comes naturally to Dawn because she appreciates human connection, valuing the good relationships with people around her and spending quality time to better understand and develop them.

Supaagent Dawn
Dawn with her younger sister and mother

Besides being a full time mother and SupaAgent, Dawn loves travelling. Her wanderlust spans from exploring different places, learning about different cultures and of course, tasting different local food. She makes it a point to travel at least twice a year, one domestically around the Philippines and one international trip. She travelled to Japan recently and is already eagerly planning ahead for a new adventure next year. Given the opportunity, Dawn would jump at the chance to join an international airlines company as a cabin crew member and explore the world.

Supaagent Dawn
Dawn in her recent Japan trip

“I also love helping people out….if I see someone struggling…I always do my best to help them.”

Given the flexible working hours, Dawn is connecting with the people around her on a deeper level. She believes in creating precious moments with others. Whether its a dinner together or a coffee talk, she aspires to change the world by showing them life is more than a computer screen. Her attitude and motivation as a SupaAgent reflects the empathy that we truly appreciate and encourage. A true representation of the community here at Supahands, she has impressed us with her dedication and effort.  So work hard, play hard and remember to connect to your loved ones! Inspired to join our family after reading her story? Click here to apply to be a SupaAgent now!


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