SupaConsistent Nurfareena- SupaAgent of the Month (October 2018)

Make your way down to the beautiful land of Sabah, Malaysia and ask the people for the dreadlocked lady. Chances are, they might just point you to our SupaAgent of the month, Nurfareena! The eldest among her siblings, she is loved and pampered silly by her amazing family in Kota Kinabalu.

Nurfareena with the majestic Mount Kinabalu in the background

Before becoming a SupaAgent, Nurfareena was working in the oil and gas industry. With a background in mechanical engineering, she was a field engineer working hard every day with an overwhelming schedule. However, 2 years ago after the drop in oil prices, her employer was left with no choice but to retrench many employees and Nurfareena found herself jobless. Although she was understandably disappointed and sad with being let go,  she soon realised something important – her previous work schedule was keeping her busy and was causing her to neglect her friends and family. She then decided that she wanted a better opportunity that allowed her to balance her time well. As she was browsing for jobs online, she found out about Supahands and tried her luck. She succeeded after the tough assessments and has been with Supahands ever since.

Nurfareena with the majestic Mount Kinabalu in the background

As a veteran SupaAgent, Nurfareena has a good track record of work. She has completed many projects with Supahands, even unlocking almost all project types under Content Moderation and Data Management. Additionally, she has worked with most of the Business Operations Manager, who vouch for her helpful and reliable nature. Her consistent work and drive is so impressive that she was even awarded a  ’Premium’ SupaAgent status during Supahands’ early days as a virtual assistant provider! Nurfareena admits that it wasn’t always easy, sometimes finding the workload heavy and challenging. However, her determination to pull through has led her to multitask and manage her time better. In fact, her experience as a SupaAgent so far has allowed her to further enhance her skills in data entry, content management, data research and other useful computer skills.

“Those stressful moments have taught me to balance my time better… Now I can now spend time with my family and [balance] doing stuff that I enjoy…”

During her free time, Nurfareena enjoys a good run. While working in her previous company, her hectic work schedule didn’t allow her to do what she loved. After becoming SupaAgent, she found the flexibility to start running every day. She began to train regularly and even participated in her first 10km marathon shortly after! Her desire to succeed also reflects in her conviction.

Last year, Nurfareena had a knee injury which rendered her immobile for a few months. Despite experiencing such a setback, she bounced back immediately. Her determination paid off, as earlier this year she participated in first half marathon, the biggest milestone of her running journey so far! True to her nature, Nurfareena plans to complete a full marathon in the near future.

Her first half marathon

Furthermore, Nurfareena also enjoys travelling. She wishes to explore new places and gain new experiences. The excitement she gains from her environment, especially when embracing other cultures, has made her ecstatic for more. Her desire is to explore India again where the food, culture and the beautiful scenery had left her wanting more. She even plans to visit during the Holi festival and also explore the amazing Himalayan mountains.

Nurfareena has a positive attitude and reliable nature that impressed us. Her ambition has continuously driven her to push herself further, challenging her limits every day. Her discipline in being able to manage her time well and pursue her dreams is definitely admirable. After being with us for such a long time, we appreciate her efforts and her consistent work has been exemplary of what we love about our SupaAgents.

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