Supalndependent Jacqueline- SupaAgent of the Month (November 2018)

The city of Biñan in the Philippines is a thriving city with one of the biggest industrial estates in the nation. It is the home to national hero Jose Rizal and also our SupaAgent of the month, Jacqueline Sze! This outspoken Tsinoy shares a love for intense bathroom singing, fusion cuisine food and her cute dogs.  

SupaAgent of the month- Jacqueline

Before her time as a SupaAgent, Jacqueline considered herself as an average Jane that was trying to figure out life. Her first job as a secretary worked her to the bone as she often found herself working the graveyard shifts of 12 AM to 9 AM every day.

As she sought to escape that draining cycle, she found that her new job as a customer service representative did little to provide her with the growth and progression that she was yearning for. She felt unmotivated, found no fulfilment in the work that she was doing and struggled to recognize her own worth. It was at this moment that she knew that she needed to break free and try something totally different.

She wanted the freedom to learn and explore the challenge of the unknown. With that in mind, she went on the internet to search for new opportunities that would allow her to do that and found Supahands! Taking a leap of faith, she applied to be a SupaAgent and was excited to find that she had passed the assessment. From that moment, she has never looked back since.

Embrace the glorious mess that you are. Be whoever you want to be because life is too short to be anything but happy.

Jacqueline enjoying herself in the mall

Working as a SupaAgent has been both a fulfilling and rewarding experience for her. Being able to work from home without fixed working hours taught her the need to manage her time better in order to hit project deadlines and to still make time to spend with loved ones. Due to the flexible nature of the job, she started focusing on herself and took the initiative to learn new skills such as Photoshop and video editing. This made Jacqueline a more confident and much happier version of herself.

Another thing that she appreciates about being a SupaAgent would be the support that she receives from her Project Managers. Despite their busy schedules, they are always patient in replying to her queries and often take the time to provide constructive feedback and words of encouragement. She feels touched at how they take the effort to address her issues personally.

I get motivated by the flexibility of the job itself. Being able to work remotely, I can manage my own time as long as you finish the task properly and on time.

Although her life as a SupaAgent has been mostly positive, her family did not share the same sentiments as her initially. They were not receptive towards the idea of her being a gig worker as they didn’t view it as a real job. However, despite the disagreements, she stuck with her beliefs and continued working hard. Her efforts paid off when she was able to simultaneously open her own online shop, allowing her to earn enough to support both herself and her family.

queline has the widest smile in her family. Guess which one!

“Even though they were against me being a SupaAgent, they are now trying their best to understand my decisions and life choices. I still credit my success to them”

When she isn’t doing SupaAgent work or managing her online business, Jacqueline keeps herself busy with her many hobbies. She enjoys watching shows, documentaries, photography, food and learning new things. However, one of the things she is absolutely passionate about is writing. She finds much solace in expressing her thoughts, opinions and emotions in the form of words. It allows her to be herself and release her creativity through poetry, science fiction or even with sharing her random musings on her blog. She shares that if she was not a SupaAgent, she would have probably been a blogger or an influencer instead!

Being a positive and independent individual with her desire to break free from the norm has inspired us here at Supahands. We appreciate the effort and dedication that she consistently puts in as a SupaAgent, making her more than deserving of being the SupaAgent of this month. We hope that Jacqueline inspires many of you today to push on for your dreams!

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