SupaDetermined Melvin- SupaAgent of the Month (December 2018)

We all face different trials and obstacles in our lives. While many are quick to throw in the towel, our next SupaAgent of the month, Melvin, faced life with a steadfast spirit and defied the odds. The loving father persevered through many difficulties to support himself and his family.

Melvin’s furry companion, Bulak

Melvin hails from the small town of Rosario, Batangas, in the Philippines. Growing up, Melvin had to work from a very young age after his father passed away. To sustain his studies and make ends meet, Melvin took on various odd jobs such as selling vegetables and cigarettes during his primary school years. When he was in high school, he worked as a pedicab (also known as a rickshaw to some) and tricycle driver after classes. On the weekends, he worked as a garbage collector in the Mercedes Subdivision Sta. of Rosa Laguna.

This continued even until his time in college. While studying I.T in the Philippines Science And Technology Center, Melvin had to work part-time as a janitor. He could not even afford rent and had to stay in a room behind the registrar’s office! Despite his financial status, he braved through the struggles, graduated and now has a son, whom he loves very much. Currently, he is working in computer technical support in the Ministry of National Guard & Health Affairs, based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Riyadh, a pretty amazing feat for someone who started from nothing!

Although Melvin was more financially stable thanks to his full-time job, he was still searching for an extra source of income to better provide for his family. He needed a job that was both flexible and convenient for him to work on after his usual working hours. He has been doing other part-time jobs such as a cab driver to supplement his lifestyle, but he needed something that could accommodate his routine. While searching, Melvin was recommended by a friend to sign up as a SupaAgent.

It was the solution he was looking for – flexible working hours with a reasonable income. A true testament to his grit, Melvin did not give up despite having to try a few times before he finally passed the assessment to be accepted as a SupaAgent.

‘My friend asked me to joined Supahands because it was a reliable company that allowed me to earn money without any registration fees. I decided to stay on because it is more convenient for me and I can earn money during my spare time”

He recalled it being a rocky start for him as he experienced a few issues with the first project that he got accepted to work on. But fortunately, he got help from Loraine, one of the project managers and learnt how to do better.  Throughout the 6 months since he joined, Melvin has become more patient, learning new analytical skills and unlocking different project types that he can work on. With his success so far, he has been sharing the good news about working remotely to his friends and colleagues and has even encouraged them to join as SupaAgents!

Besides helping to grow our family, Melvin has been connecting well with other SupaAgents such as Lawrence Lozada, Paul Aladin, Michael Delacruz, Owen Aldeza, and Roland Marinas. We pride ourselves on being very community driven so hearing this from Melvin made us love what we do even more!

Marc, the source of hope for Melvin

Melvin’s work and life hasn’t been easy and it can be stressful. However, the burdens and pressures of life fade away because of his loved ones. His only son, Marc Jelvin Mercado, has been a source of inspiration for the work he has done so far, giving him the drive to provide the best for Marc, no matter what. He even took himself overseas to work and brave through the difficult times just so his son would have a better future. As he is alone in Saudi Arabia, Melvin ensures he calls Marc often and spends quality time with him whenever he’s back in the Philippines. He has worked tirelessly and powered through long nights because of his love for his son, giving him the strength to push forward. He credits his successes and strength to his boy, and truly is a SupaDad in his own right!

“Because of him, I feel stronger. And I cast all of my troubles in my heart aside. All my worries melt away when I chat with him and I am so blessed to have him in my life.”

Like many of our SupaAgents, Melvin needs to unwind from work every now and then. He loves exploring a beautiful beach at any given time, escaping into the beautiful sights of beaches and crystal clear waters, being surrounded by a relaxing and calm environment just to disappear and relax. He also particularly enjoys eating Pork Sinigang, an appetizing dish that reminds him of home and satisfies his heart. And during his free time, he either plays tennis with his friends or spends time with his dog, Bulak.

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake up and Live!”

Melvin’s determination and positive attitude has impressed us all. Being a loving dad and persevering through the hardships of life, he has awed us with his never give up attitude. His story has inspired us to fight for our goals and be persistent in our dreams, and we hope that this has motivated you as well.

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