SupaZealous Aiza – Featured SupaAgent of the Month (January 2019)

Happy New Year! We at Supahands hope everyone has had a good start to the year. Now, it’s that time of the month again, presenting our first featured SupaAgent for 2019 – SupaZealous Aiza, a local Malaysian who hails from the bustling capital, Kuala Lumpur and a mother to three adorable kids.

The apples of Aiza’s eyes (from left to right: Iman, Iris and Aileen)

Upon completing her tertiary education, armed with a degree in Computing, SupaAgent Aiza worked for nearly a decade as an IT executive before she was retrenched. The predicament reaffirmed Aiza that it was time to leave the 9 to 5 workforce so she could care for her kids. She soon found herself in need of a new job which gave her the flexibility and freedom to work from home. This need then prompted Aiza to enter the world of the gig economy through a local online gig platform. However, she left shortly after and in a lucky alignment, Aiza chanced upon Supahands online as she freely googled ‘alternative ways to earn income’ and has been with us since July of last year.

At the start, it was especially challenging for her as she was away from her husband. A strong woman who wears many hats, Aiza juggles between caring for her children as a stay at home mom, and helping her mother in managing her late father’s rental houses and a small grocery shop. She mentioned that some of her days are filled with unexpected events, from receiving emergency calls from the house tenants to helping out at her brother’s guesthouse which requires her to travel to Malacca (a historical state that lies about an hour away from Kuala Lumpur). Despite the challenges, she said:

“I love what I’m doing now.”

Passion keeps us going and fuels our life with meaning, it is what drives us to succeed and allows us to live better lives. Aiza being a remarkably passionate person believes in having her passion coupled with motivation in doing everything, especially in what she loves.

“I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best.”

The strong zeal which Aiza holds for life which can be notably felt in her writing, has also led her to challenge herself on a daily basis by learning new skills that propelled her to constantly do better.

“In order to get a better future, you must start now!”

Love in the form of crochet. One of Aiza’s many creations, a dress for baby Aileen.

This brings us to her love for crocheting; the doting mother fell in love with the art of crocheting and took her own initiative by learning it merely through Youtube. From a novice to the skillful crocheter that she is now, Aiza is able to crochet bags, shawls and even dresses for her kids.

“Each time I commit to a project, I will give my full commitment to complete it.”

Despite monetary gains being the main factor behind her drive in completing projects, her experience has led her to gain new knowledge with the support from her Project Managers and teammates. Besides becoming a more disciplined and responsible person, it has also improved her communication skills as it gives her a chance to communicate with our multinational workforce.

Love in the form of crochet. One of Aiza’s many creations, a dress for baby Aileen.

The source of Aiza’s motivation

Last but not least, there seems to be a hasty generalisation and misconception that running an online business is the only way to generate income from home through the internet. Aiza would like to shatter the stereotype and relay the message that one does not need to run an online business to generate side income from home.

“When I say “I’m doing part-time, online work at home” most people assume that I’m running an online business. I want to help germinate the idea to people out there, that there are so many ways we can generate a side income from home other than running an online business.”

In addition, she highly recommends homemakers and stay at home parents who are looking to earn some side income at the comfort of their home whilst caring for their children, to join the gig economy.

SupaPSA:  Before you hop on the gig worker bandwagon, here are a couple of things to bear in mind. Get informed, research and read up as much as you possibly can before committing.  

If you’re ready to experience flexible hours while earning a side income, apply now to be a SupaAgent!


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