SupaSupportive Laura- Featured SupaAgent of the Month (February 2019)

“Raising a family is difficult enough. But it’s even more difficult for single parents struggling to make ends meet. They don’t need more obstacles. They need more opportunities.”
– Bill Richardson

The drive within a single parent is amazing. Their determination to support their loved ones while facing various challenges has always been an inspiration to many. Although many struggle with the different responsibilities, our Featured SupaAgent of the Month Laura, took it upon herself to do more and support others who are facing the same situation. Hailing from Bandung, the pempek (a local savoury fishcake delicacy) loving Indonesian mum tells us her interesting journey on how she helps inspire single mothers in her community.

Laura graduated with a degree in Software Engineering from a university in Bandung, Indonesia. And although she’s a programmer by trade, she ended up working in an Oil & Gas company working as a Project Controller. When she had her son Kenzo, she knew she needed to spend more time taking care of her beloved baby boy. It was a hard decision, but being a single parent, she knew her son needed her presence and attention. So when her contract ended in February 2018, she decided to find a job that could allow her more time with Kenzo.

She initially started an online shop, selling baby necessities such as diapers and milk. But realistically, she knew she needed more to sustain herself and her son. She then started applying for jobs, going for interview after interview, even flying to Malaysia for some of them! As she was actively looking, she found out about Supahands and the SupaAgent opportunity. She took a chance and managed to pass what she felt was a tough assessment and thus began her journey as a SupaAgent! Since then, she has been earning money for her son, saving up for his schooling needs.

Laura and her mother spending time with baby Kenzo

“I am personally grateful to be a SupaAgent. The flexibility to work anywhere at any time gives me satisfaction. I am able to spend time with my son while earning money. It wasn’t a big income, but it was enough for me. I am lucky to have Supahands!”

Being a SupaAgent, Laura found the freedom she needed. She had the luxury to spend more quality time with Kenzo. The love for her son always reminded her to stay strong and persevere. Yet as a single mum, it can be difficult at times especially when you are alone. However, she is often comforted by the warmness of the SupaAgent community. They have been very friendly, and even the Project Managers, such as Loraine and Shaza, were kind and helpful towards her during the projects. It made life much easier and bearable.

“It was tough at first. Taking care of Kenzo while working remotely full time was challenging. I would find myself exhausted sometimes and out of energy. But in the end, its all about my commitment towards my son. I remember my reason to continue on and never give up. ”

After being a SupaAgent, Laura loved the idea of having a group of people to connect with and started becoming more involved in her community of single mothers. Known as ‘Single Mom Indonesia’, it was a group founded in 2014 by Maureen Hitipeuw to empower single mothers in Indonesia. Upon joining the group, Laura realised that these women needed support emotionally and financially. Thus, she started to play her part and help in her own capacity. She lends a shoulder to them however she can, even at times comforting them virtually when they are in need. She attends the meetups and sharing sessions being organized by the group when possible, offering moral support and pieces of advice to the ladies there and has even referred some of the single mothers in the community to sign up as SupaAgents as well!

Currently, Laura has a permanent job as an Operations Manager in a startup. She enjoys her job as the lifestyle suits her and grants her the flexibility as well to spend time with her son. Besides that, she has a loving partner who supports her son and her ambitions. As things started looking up for her, Laura has not forgotten about the community she has with. She is still actively supporting the single mothers’ community, continuing her role in empowering and shaping the lives of women. On top of that, this lady still finds the time to work as a SupaAgent, saving for her son’s future. In fact, if given the time and opportunity, Laura would also like to go visit Poland and even pursue her Masters there.

Laura and her partner

“Working hard is never easy, but you will never know your true potential until you try. Always remember the smiles from your loved ones. It will always give you strength for a better tomorrow”

The team at Supahands is inspired by how Laura in her own capacity, still continues to engage and make an impact on the lives of single mothers in her own community as well as ours. Her free-spirited and empathetic nature encouraged her to take a proactive step to reach out to groups of women in need who are facing similar struggles as she once did.

That is why we’re celebrating SupaSupportive Laura as our Featured SupaAgent of the month of February and we hope that her story has inspired you today to work hard for your dream and never forget about people in need as well.

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