Empowering SupaWomen through the Digital Gig Economy

The world of the digital gig economy has been growing exponentially, it is reshaping the nature and our conception of work. As more options arise for one to choose, we are no longer confined to relying on a full-time job to make a living. 

A typical gig worker as one would imagine these days is usually a ride-hailing driver or the lunch delivery guy. While the industry on the surface seems dominated by men, there has been a gradual increase of women in independent work and they are on track to becoming the bulk of the digital gig economy, according to a Harvard Research paper.

Not until recently, women in the workforce, who embark on the journey to motherhood midway through their careers have had to choose between either leaving the workforce permanently or opt to stay in and had to balance between family and work. However, with the rise of the digital gig economy, mothers who choose to continue working can leverage off it as a different path that opens up choices for more flexibility, balance and time.

Digital gig work appeals to the masses as the nature of these jobs is that it is usually short-term and project-based, it also serves as an opportunity to earn extra income. While the idea of earning an extra income appeals to working professionals, digital gig work has the potential to offer work-life balance in comparison to a traditional career path. It’s especially attractive for stay at home mothers as it gives one the flexibility and space, allowing them more control over how, when and how much they work.


Over here at Supahands, we provide the platform for one to be part of the digital gig economy, specifically in the South East Asian region. With people from all walks of life applying to be a SupaAgent, we found ourselves opening doors to a pool of over 3,000 agents, where female SupaAgents make up more than half of the workforce.

Empowering SupaWomen

There is a significant number of working SupaMoms onboard, (some of whom were our featured SupaAgents of the month: read about their stories SupaSupportive LauraSupaAgent HanaSupaBubbly Eileen) as the nature of the SupaAgent job is flexible, not just in terms of its time and location but also the number of work hours. This allows them to still maintain their full-time job and to spend time with their children. Earning an extra side income in the comfort of their home has helped them improve their quality of life and support their children’s education. Besides that, working as a SupaAgent serves as a bridge for some mothers who are looking to return to the workforce as working on tasks help build up their confidence.

On another note, social wellbeing increases as well since being a stay at home parent may cause one to experience social isolation. By being a SupaAgent, an individual is part of a global community and their wellbeing is cared for by a group of Community Managers and fellow peers. Case in point: SupaAgent Kellyn met a few other mothers on the Supahands platform and bonded over their common interests.

Supahands Against Gender Discrimination

Despite digital gig platforms being so widely accessible with technological advances, sadly, discrimination persists. Gender equality within the workforce is paramount to the continued growth of the gig economy with the growing presence of female gig workers.

At Supahands, we are strongly against gender discrimination at the workplace, as the focus should be on meritocracy

Susian Yeap, Supahands Co-Founder

Supahands believes in equality for all regardless of religion, race and gender and this applies to the hiring of our SupaAgents as well. To be a SupaAgent, one has to pass the assessment, there isn’t a quota for female or male SupaAgents, It is entirely based on individual performance and capability as we believe a person’s skills and intellect is not measured by their gender. We strongly believe that opportunities should be open to all. Gender should not come as a hindrance to anyone.

At SupahandsHQ, over half of the management comprises of female leaders including our very own COO, co-founder, Susian Yeap (Right) and Mark Koh, Supahands’ CEO, Co-founder (Left)

We’re very unbiased — the platform is unbiased, the way we run work is unbiased, and the way we hire is extremely unbiased.

Mark Koh, Supahands CEO

While large corporations are now realising the benefits and the importance of having gender diversity at the workplace. Research has shown that companies with more women directors outperform those without females on the board level. It was also found that having more women in the workplace is associated with positive organizational outcomes for both men and women.

As we inch closer to Industry 4.0, researchers suggest demand for digital gig work will only increase, as by 2020 a billion more people will have access to the internet. The digital gig economy is set to become widespread in the years to come, more people especially women will be given the chance and choice to work from home. There is no denying that gig work is the future with women leading the charge.

Supahands is proud to be one of the leading providers within the digital gig economy in South East Asia. The social aspect and impact of our business have always been pivotal to us and we believe in empowering not just women but everyone around us.


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