SupaTraveller Niel – Featured SupaAgent of the Month (March 2019)

Photographer, traveller and loving husband, March’s Featured SupaAgent of the Month is a calm and positive presence that believes that there is always something to appreciate in everyday. As we got to know Niel better, we also learnt something that we can only describe as serendipitous.

The process of writing every Featured SupaAgent of the Month article has been the same since the beginning. We start by getting in touch with the nominated SupaAgent and asking them a series of questions to get to know her/him better and then from their answers, the team will then produce the articles that you have been reading for the past 2 years.

We thought it was going to be business-as-usual when we approached Niel about his nomination as the Featured SupaAgent of the Month this month. But as we read through his responses to our questions, and chatted more to us about what he had written down, we discovered that there was so much about Niel that made him truly a unique individual that we’re so glad to have within our SupaAgent community.

Born and raised in The Philippines, Niel left his hometown 7 years ago in pursuit of better career prospects, and has since been residing in what he now calls his second home – Malaysia. Last year, while planning for his wedding to his partner of 6 years, Regine, Niel decided that he would like some extra income on top of what he was already earning in his full time job in the support industry. It was then that he came across Supahands and found out about our SupaAgent community.

Naturally, Niel had some reservations about applying for a part-time gig online, especially in a foreign country as he often received rejections from jobs that were strictly only for locals. But Niel soon realized that being a SupaAgent was open to people from different races and nationalities, and granted them the opportunity to work very flexibly. He couldn’t resist the opportunity and joined us on 15 Feb 2018.

Today, Niel has one of the widest project experiences among our entire SupaAgent community, having worked on different projects across the span of a year. There was simply something about the remote and flexible nature of the work that appealed to his travel-loving side that allowed him to work from anywhere in the world and give him the ability to earn extra without sacrificing too much of his time.

Chatting to Niel about his memories about travelling made us extremely envious as we could practically feel his passion and energy radiating out of our computer screens. He excitedly recounted his favourite trip of all time which was to South Africa with Regine (who also shares the same passion for travelling) back in 2017 where he had the chance to visit Kruger National Park and witnessed a real leopard dragging fresh kill to the top of the tree.

“I get shivers down my spine every time I set foot [in]to a new place or even revisiting it. It gives me utmost joy, learning and enjoying new cultures and meeting new people.”

In fact, his love for discovering new places is so strong that he even wrote a book about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia called “Greater Than A Tourist – Kuala Lumpur” in which speaks about how beautiful the capital city of Malaysia is to someone who is not local.

There’s often a strong connotation between a person’s exposure to travel and his ability to adapt and we definitely see that a lot in Niel. The life of a SupaAgent can be something that requires getting used to. As the nature of gig work has the tendency to be volatile, it’s common for a gig worker to experience quieter periods of time with work.

But, Niel stayed positive, stuck around and kept trying for projects even though he had planned on leaving after he was done paying for his wedding. He knew what was required to make the best out of being a SupaAgent, and held onto it with a steadfast belief that it’s important to be patient and believe that everything happens for a reason.

“If not getting an extra income while working at your most convenient time is not enough reason to stick around then I don’t know what is.”

He also credited his experience as a SupaAgent with some new skills and being able to work closely with some of our Project Managers, like Shaza. By some strange and fun twist of fate, we also learnt that Niel has been working in the same cluster of buildings as SupaHQ in Kuala Lumpur but he has always been too shy to say hi to us whenever he sees us walking around the area in our purple t-shirts and lanyards. Needless to say, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for Niel from now on!

We can’t help but beam with pride as Niel told us about all the awesome things that he enjoyed about being a SupaAgent. But in the unlikely event that Niel does decide to hang his SupaAgent boots up one day, he would most likely be travelling even more, and fulfilling his dream of visiting every continent in the world. However, there is just one place in the entire universe that Niel would give anything for, and that is to see his grandmother again, telling her jokes and making her laugh until her stomach hurts, hugging her, and telling her how much he misses and loves her.

Getting to know our SupaAgents like this is vital for us because we are building products with the belief that there is always a better way to work – whether it’s for our clients or our SupaAgents. When we get the opportunity to learn what is truly important to our users, it always reminds us of the beauty of our extremely diverse group of SupaAgents. It’s not a group that’s easy to build for because everyone has such varied backgrounds, but it does make us want to work even harder to make it happen.If you would like to join our SupaAgent community and experience what Niel enjoys about being a part of it, click here to submit an application today!


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