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The very first in our SupaHeroes stories is none other than our Chief of Operations/Co-Founder, Susian – our very own SupaSub, who keeps the ball rollin’ here with a massive drive for efficiency.

A little back story: A fitness enthusiast who was a former Management Consultant prior to starting Supahands, Susian had spent most of her life outside of Malaysia. She attended high school in Indonesia and went on to major in Economics at Warwick University in the U.K. before returning home.

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Hi Susian, what do you do at Supahands?

I run operations, basically the daily operational stuff to ensure the company keeps going.

So, that would range from project delivery, making sure that everything is delivered on time and clients requirements are met. I also look into the wellbeing of the staff at Supahands by coming up with benefits. Lately, I’ve been very involved in recruitment, sourcing for talents and getting in touch with them as we are 10X-ing the company and we are on a mad hiring spree.

“I’m like the super sub in football, where in the last minute, they need help, they bring in the super sub and she will score and they win.”

On top of that, I have to make sure that our clients are happy, our SupaAgents are happy and of course the SupaFamily. I do a lot of firefighting too if there’s help needed for a project I’ll jump in and help. I run surveys as well in order to get a pulse of where things are, how things are going and what’s happening around the company.

How did your Supahands journey begin?

During my corporate stint, I thought to myself, how great would it be if I could get someone to reformat my presentation slides while I’m sitting in a meeting and then when I’m back from the meeting, it will be there. Imagine if you could hand it off to someone else out there. It all boils down to efficiency and not wasting your time.

Supahands initially started as a call centre called GVS, an outsourcing call centre six years ago. How it began was that a friend in Australia needed help with picking up call orders from a restaurant. The virtual assistance stuff only came in after, when one of our clients needed help with cleaning their database and then more opportunities came along and that’s how we decided to pivot from a B2C (Business-to-Consumer) to B2B (Business-to-Business) model and here we are.

What do you enjoy the most about running Supahands?

It’s an exciting space and the landscape is constantly changing. If you think back to 5 years ago, who would have thought we could work virtually and that the AI (Artificial Intelligence) space would become so hot and that people are now trying to automate a lot more? That’s really exciting!

“What we are doing is helping to shape the future.”

I can’t imagine being an accountant, auditing books all the time. Although, the nature of our projects can get quite repetitive at times, I see the bigger picture of how clean data is going to help Machine Learning immensely.

It’s also really enjoyable coming to work, where people are so hungry and driven, and so smart as well. I find that there’s a lot more opportunity to try things out over here, and we’ve done really micro changes. One day I could be doing “A” and the next day I could be trying something completely different- being able to explore to try things out and then fail and try things out again, that’s what I really like.

What’s the most challenging aspect of running Supahands?

Making sure that EVERYBODY is happy, from our clients to our agents, to our employees. How do we meet timelines? That’s pretty challenging as well. While for our  SupaAgents, how do we ensure there is enough work going around? For people in the office, are they constantly learning? Are they enjoying what they do? After all, it’s a new industry especially in this part of the world.

“It’s constantly testing the waters to make sure we are heading in the right way.”

What do you think makes the core of Supahands?

Of course, the values that we have. How they came about was we looked at the people at that time, we had a Bruce. The type of people that were working at that time and they had certain values in them.

“All these come together and I think that makes up the core of us.”

If you can have one SupaPower, what would it be?

Bending time – I’d like to be able to change time, bend it, go back, go to the future, have a quick look and come back – almost like having a crystal ball. A lot of time spent is like “What’s going to happen? Where are we going? Are we going in the right way?” But of course, if you change something in the past, the future changes as well.

Fun Fact: Susian is a fitness enthusiast, who works out 6 days a week! 🚴🏋️‍♀️
Yes, she’s definitely one of our fitness inspirations at Supahands!  💪 


SupaHeroes is a series of write-ups featuring the very people behind Supahands, giving you a glimpse of each unique individual, their stories, their SupaJourney and what they do!


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