SupaAdaptable Elaine – Featured SupaAgent of the Month (May 2019)

SupaAdaptable Elaine, our SupaAgent of the Month, is a creative spirit, originally from Malaysia. In a leap of faith, filled with romance, she made the decision to move to Jeju Island, fondly known as the “Hawaii” of Asia to be with her Korean husband.

Elaine’s decision to move to Jeju from Malaysia was not without its difficulties and sacrifices. Her move involved detaching herself from her creature comforts. She had to leave behind not only her family and friends, but her career and the life she was accustomed to. Elaine ultimately decided to make the move despite her fears because she had been with her husband (married and dating) long distance for nearly 10 years.

Once in Jeju, Elaine had to adapt to a brand new environment where everything was foreign. This was made worse by her having previously suffered depression. She suffered relapses for the first two years in Jeju. Her husband was her pillar of strength during this painful period and with his support, her condition improved.

Elaine took the initiative to adjust to Jeju. She started with meeting new people, beginning with the people in her neighbourhood. She explored the Island, visiting cafes, restaurants, marts and even retail shops once in a while. The business owners and employees started to remember her and would have conversations whenever she stopped by. She pushed herself to acclimatize to her brand new environment and finally felt at home.

“Until you mentally prepare yourself to accept the inevitable facts, only will you then dare to spread your wings and see how far your pair of wings can take you.”

SupaAgent Journey

Elaine decided to become a SupaAgent after moving to Jeju Island. Previously, she had been working for more than 18 years in Malaysia in research and digital stock photography industries. Jeju presented limited English-speaking job opportunities. Hence, working as a SupaAgent to earn some income appealed to her. Having stumbled across a blog that mentioned Supahands as being an option to work remotely, she pounced on the opportunity. She was drawn by the flexibility of working online and the transparency of the SupaAgent platform and payment system.

Elaine cherishes SupaAgent projects because she is able to learn new skills and new ways to execute each project. She gets to update her skills and is able to expose herself to industries that she is unfamiliar with. Elaine particularly looks forward to each day to see if there are projects to apply for. When she does land a project, she finds great joy in working on the project.  Having been a SupaAgent for two and a half months now, she has found her work as a SupaAgent to be thoroughly enjoyable.

Elaine’s favourite Project Manager is Darshini because of her dedication and her good sense of humour despite the complexity of some projects. Darshini is also very motivational and considerate. Shout out to our Supa Project Manager Darshini! It is no coincidence therefore, that Elaine motivates herself to work on projects because it gives her a better perspective in life.

Other pursuits

When she’s not occupied being a SupaAgent, Elaine keeps herself busy with her wide array of hobbies. She especially loves activities that allow her to express herself creatively. This includes photographing nature, painting, crafting, needlework, singing, developing vegan recipes and cooking.

Elaine is very passionate about photography and art. She is happiest when in the great outdoors. She enjoys showcasing nature’s identity and voice, allowing nature to speak through her photographs. As the photography enthusiast put it, there is just so much nature can teach us about life and its various intricacies.

In Jeju, Elaine enjoys the long strolls up to the hills and down to the coast. This is a big change from her life in Malaysia. Her walks in Malaysia were usually in malls and covered places because of the heat. Elaine finds that the Island has brought her much closer to nature. She gets to connect with nature and admire her up close. She champions the need to appreciate nature because of the insightful lessons we can learn from observing nature.

“You see, in life, no matter how small or insignificant certain things or beings may be, everything and everyone has a purpose in this universe, known or unknown to us.”

In alignment with her creative nature, Elaine wishes to visit all the beautiful countries and sights painted by Claude Monet, the French Painter. She especially admires his works: Garden (1889), Water Lilies and the Japanese Bridge (1897-1899), Jardin à Sainte-Adresse (1867) and more.  

Elaine’s relocation to Jeju is one filled with so much courage and bravery. It is truly an inspiring tale of her overcoming all the challenges put in her way and finally being able to call Jeju her home. As the nature lover put it herself; ”your willingness to learn and allowing everything and everyone as your teacher, mentor, guide or guru, you’d be surprised at how far you can fly!” Our SupaTeam is overjoyed that Elaine finds happiness and fulfilment in her SupaAgent work and wish her continued success in her creative pursuits and her work as a SupaAgent. Go forth and spread your wings Elaine!

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