SupaResilient Dennis – Featured SupaAgent of the Month (June 2019)

This month’s Featured SupaAgent is SupaResilient Dennis who hails from Majestic Waterfalls, Iligan City, Philippines. Iligan City is a beautiful sanctuary with 23 Majestic Waterfalls, Tinago Falls being one of the most beautiful attractions in the country.

Dennis had a tough upbringing, being the sole child of separated parents. He lived with his Lola (Grandmother) after turning four years old when his parents separated. The 30-year-old demonstrated a strong persistent spirit even from young. This began with working as a street vendor when he was in grade school so that he could sustain his needs and survive. 

“I came from a broken family” 

Dennis sold boiled eggs and mineral/bottled water in a bus terminal and other foods until he graduated high school. He did not get to finish his studies in college due to lack of financial support. However, this did not stop Dennis from looking for new opportunities.

Venturing Out

When he turned 20, he moved miles away from his beloved hometown, to Manila (in search of better opportunities) to look for work. His very first job was as a Production Supplier in a factory for nearly three years. He then moved on to work in the food industry as part of the service crew for another 5 years. Since then, Dennis has been a SupaAgent for nearly a year. 

Dennis’ unwavering commitment is demonstrated in his persistence in passing the SupaAgent assessment. He attempted the assessment in March last year and finally passed on his fourth attempt. 

“I read carefully and understand each test and luckily passed the exam” 

Dennis’ Supahands Journey

Dennis first heard of becoming a SupaAgent from a friend who was already a SupaAgent at that time. He has now been a SupaAgent for a year, it is his first online job and he is very proud and happy to belong to the SupaAgent community. 

“If you have a goal and believe in yourself you can do anything”

A huge appeal to Dennis of being a SupaAgent, is the huge reduction in expenses. He does not need to worry about the traffic and food and travel cost that comes with a conventional office job. The added advantages also include not having to deal with toxic coworkers and terror bosses. There is also the flexibility of being able to take a break whenever one needs to. With an online job, Dennis can now attend to important errands and activities during the morning and work in the afternoon until the evening. 

Working Less For More

Besides that, another gain working as a SupaAgent pointed out by Dennis as he draws the comparison to his previous job is the time he clocks in for the same pay.

“In the food industry it takes 8-9 hours of your time to earn a certain amount, while doing digital gig work, it will only take 4-5 hours to earn the same amount.”

The motivating factor for Dennis to work on SupaAgent projects, is to learn and discover new industries that he was not exposed to in his previous jobs. His journey as a SupaAgent has also allowed him to expose himself to new ideas and meet new people from different cultures and countries. He is very grateful for the supportive SupaAgent community. 

“The Projects Managers and everyone are all very supportive. This is my first online platform job and I’m proud and happy to be part of Supahands.”

Dennis’s favourite Project Manager is Qistina. He admires how she handles the SupaAgents. Although she is strict, she has good intentions in always reminding the SupaAgents how important the quality of the project is. 

Dennis has also made many friends within the SupaAgent community. His three closest friends are SupaAgents. His SupaAgent friends John, Michelle and Linda, always video call each other after their assigned projects. They have been friends for 15 years and they are very supportive of Dennis. Their friendship extends even to the extent of should there be new projects in the slack channel, Dennis’s friends are always calling him to request or join for the new posted projects.   

When he isn’t working on SupaAgent projects, Dennis thoroughly enjoys movie marathons and watching local TV series. His favourite genres are action and horror movies. He sees watching movies or television as an opportunity for him to bond with his family members and friends. 

Dennis is also very passionate about travelling. For him, travelling is a completely spiritual experience. Travelling lets him to see the contrasts in ways of living and helps to give him a new perspective on life. He gets to clear his head during his travels and loves to experience the diversity in cultures across the cities. He is especially looking forward to his upcoming trip to Thailand with his friends, and to have a taste of spicy Thai cuisine. 

“It’s like meditation to me especially if I am super tired and stressed in my life” 

Interestingly, if given the option to teleport anywhere in the universe, Dennis would not choose to go anywhere in particular. Instead, he would choose to go back to his past and fix all his mistakes. He would like a second chance at recreating his future and hopefully make a better one. 

“There’s always a rainbow after the rain.” 

Dennis trusts the symbolic nature of a rainbow because it signifies a better future. The rain that falls before a rainbow appears signifies the struggles and problems in our lives that we need to overcome. When we draw a parallel to people’s personal lives, Dennis highlights how we can find hope in every obstacle we face. 

Dennis represents a fighting spirit. He has faced so many struggles with his family, relationships, work and life but he does not give up in the face of adversity. Dennis believes that a strong strategy and dedication are the keys to success. We are so happy that Dennis finds fulfilment in working as a SupaAgent with his SupaAgent friends and deeply admire his steadfastness in passing the SupaAgent tests.  

Come be a part of our SupaAgent community and experience what Dennis loves about being a part of us, click here to submit an application today! 


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