6 Traits Successful Digital Gig Workers Have

These days, people are increasingly drawn to work flexibility and having more time to themselves. Thus, with the help of the internet, it’s not surprising to see a growing number of people switching from traditional employment to independent work like digital gig work and freelancing. Naturally, a different environment will have different requirements, and the people who are coming from a traditional 9-5 job will have to change accordingly to succeed in the digital gig economy. Here are 6 traits we’ve found that successful digital gig workers have:


Because gig workers can work whenever and wherever, it can often be difficult for people to transition to this lifestyle. The initial amount of freedom can be a problem for a lot of people, and because there’s so much of it, people can get carried away! As such, having a schedule or a fixed amount of time for work is vital to keep on top of the work, while still being able to enjoy the freedom. Doing this makes working independently a viable career choice, but this is easier said than done, which leads us to the next trait.

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As mentioned in the previous point, the amount of freedom can very easily overwhelm new digital gig workers. For this reason, a lot of people go back to traditional jobs because it is more difficult for them to manage themselves, and they end up losing out on all the benefits of working as a digital gig worker.

From some of the responses we’ve gathered from our own SupaAgents, discipline is a key aspect of digital gig work and is one of the main things that allow this to be a sustainable career. A problem that arises for many people, however, is thinking that discipline is something that you either have, or you don’t. Though some people find it easier to buckle down and work for longer periods, it is quite frequent that people don’t realize discipline can be honed just like any other skill. Just like spending time practising the guitar improves your ability to play, working on your discipline improves your capacity to be disciplined.

Work-life balance

With the first 2 traits, ideally, work-life balance will follow. While the appeal of becoming a digital gig worker comes from the perceived potential to have more time to oneself while reaching your financial goals, top performing digital gig workers know that a bad work-life balance will jeopardise this. This is why the ones who succeed are the ones who pay close attention to their own work-life balance through consistency and discipline, so they not only ensure that they can sustain their career, but that they thrive.  

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Attention to detail

Another trait crucial for success as a digital gig worker is attention to detail. This obviously applies even for traditional jobs but even more so for digital gig workers because accuracy is one of the most important aspects of digital work. Thus, a high level of accuracy keeps the gigs coming in, and 100% accuracy makes you highly sought-after. For this reason, attention to detail is what keeps successful digital gig workers competitive and hired.

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 Effective communication 

Just as important as accuracy, the ability to communicate effectively is critical due to the remote nature of digital gig work.

If you don’t understand the task or have a concern to raise, you need to be completely understandable in a brief amount of time. Successful digital gig workers are aware of the importance of this, and they know that when they communicate effectively with their employers or handlers, they are simultaneously conveying a certain level of competence.

Continuous learning

Last but certainly not least, digital gig workers recognize the advantages that they can have over those who do not continuously learn. Those who find the most success in the industry are almost always the ones who are actively developing their skill set and improving themselves through a variety of means. With the amount of free resources on the internet like CourseraUdemy and Khan Academy, it really isn’t an excuse anymore to say that education is only limited to those who can afford it. In fact, it’s only limited to those who choose to learn.

The 6 things listed above can seem like a lot, but an all-too-common mistake is thinking that these come naturally. Much like most things in life, these can be worked on and improved. Developing these 6 traits can be tough but it’s not only is it possible, it is also integral to being successful as a digital gig worker.


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