SupaAgent Spotlight – SupaTenacious Hendra (July 2019)

SupaAgent Spotlight of July goes to Hendra who comes from the iconic state of Terengganu in Malaysia. 

Hendra is a family-oriented man and is dedicated to providing for his family. Coming from a lower-income family, he grew up not always getting what he wanted because his parents could not afford it or had other priorities to pay for. As a consequence, he would diligently save up his money so that he could afford it for himself. Hendra was aware from an early age of how much his parents sacrificed in order to provide for his and his family’s needs. Noticing this, he vowed to himself to have a better life in the future so that he could honour the sacrifices his parents had made and provide for them in return.

“Education is the only key to my goal” 

Consequently, Hendra focused on his education to work toward a better future. He passed his matriculation with stellar results which meant that he could go to any university of his choice. He decided to continue his university education in Johor.  However, due to issues within his school, things didn’t work out according to plan for Hendra. There have been continuous delays on his path towards graduating. It has been three years now and unfortunately Hendra is still working toward fully completing his degree.

SupaAgent Journey 

When he was looking to become a SupaAgent, he was at a challenging time in his life. Hendra was, as mentioned above, facing some unexpected obstacles in his academic journey. Before he became a SupaAgent, Hendra was actually working at 7-Eleven and was on the lookout for a better job. His hometown in Terengganu is rather small and lack of access to transportation made it a challenge to commute for work. He eventually decided to resign from his job at 7-Eleven to look for a suitable job for his situation.  

He was looking for good work, to make money and build up his experience. Hendra was unable to fully commit to a full time job at the time so Supahands provided the perfect opportunity for him. Working as a SupaAgent gave him flexible working hours and extra time to sort things with regard to his studies. 

He stumbled upon becoming a SupaAgent by a simple google search for online jobs. Hendra attempted the SupaAgent assessments, and after a few tries successfully passed. He has now been a SupaAgent for a year and five months. 

At the start, Hendra struggled in figuring out how to work on the projects. His first project was onerous because he was still adjusting to online work. When he got his second project though, Hendra was able to master it much quicker. He loved his second project so much that he felt as if it was his life purpose to work on it everyday. 

His motivating factor to consistently work on SupaAgent projects is the financial rewards. With the money that he earns from projects, Hendra is able to provide for himself and his parents. Now, he can also contribute to household expenses. He is also looking to the future, to also be able to provide for his future family. Working as a SupaAgent has helped Hendra cope with the obstacles that came across his path when trying to carry out his education. 

“As an adult I need to be able to provide for myself and at least help my parents” 

Hendra’s favourite Project Manager is Emma because of her helpfulness and quick response when it comes to assisting SupaAgents. Working as a SupaAgent has provided Hendra with new purpose in his life and fills his time while he awaits the next steps in his academic journey.

Becoming a SupaAgent is, according to Hendra, one of the best things that has ever happened to him. His family are supportive of him working online to earn an income. He wants everyone to have the same opportunity as him to work on projects as a SupaAgent and gain the experience and knowledge from them that he has.

Other pursuits 

In his free time, Hendra is usually watching movies and tv shows on Netflix. He also enjoys working out and jogging to keep fit. In particular, his favourite leisure activity is hanging out by the beach, drinking from a coconut and enjoying the breeze. How convenient for Hendra that the beaches in Terengganu are breathtaking! 

A picture taken by Hendra of the beach in Terengganu

When Hendra first started out, he didn’t know any other SupaAgents. Now, he has made a friend, SupaAgent Jessica. They communicate about their current projects and their shared experience as SupaAgents. Hendra has also successfully referred two people to become SupaAgents. This is what the SupaAgent Community is about, bringing people together, working online and having shared experiences while earning income.

SupaAgent Hendra and his friends

“If you need inspiring words, you should not do it” Elon Musk 

Hendra draws a parallel in his life to what happens in his favourite movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. The movie portrays how life can turn your “perfect” plan upside down but if you are determined enough, you will have the opportunity to make things right. 

A scene from Hendra’s favourite movie, The Pursuit of Happyness

To end, Hendra thanks his family, friends and people who have helped him throughout the ups and downs in his life. Although he does not know what the future has in store for him, he knows he will be able to do it with the support from the people with him now. 

Supahands is thrilled that being a SupaAgent has brought Hendra so much fulfilment and given him a source of income while working from home. 

Come be a part of our SupaAgent community and experience what Hendra loves about being a part of us, click here to submit an application today! 


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