SupaHeroes Stories – Steve, Business Development Team Lead

It’s that time of the month again, presenting our SupaHero for July – Meet Steve, our Business Development Team Lead. When he’s not busy schmoozing his way into closing deals, you will find him scuba diving, cooking, or running (embodying his favourite author, Haruki Murakami).

Hey Steve, what do you do at Supahands? 

I’m the Team Lead for Business Development, my main responsibility is to bring in revenue and new clients for the company, the process typically involves closing a deal and sending out invoices. But in order to do that we would first have to do a lot of research on the targeted market, lead generation, prospecting and finally reaching out to people, which if everything goes well leads to a discovery meeting with our potential clients where we try to understand their needs to the point of negotiation. If the client has issues, we’ll be the first touchpoint. Whereas the leadership aspect of my job involves me supporting Greg (Head of Sales) in coaching and training, where I help to identify knowledge gaps within the team and would come up with sales training for my team members. The very core of my job still lies in selling our services.

How did your Supahands journey begin?  

I did an internship at an online carpooling startup and really enjoyed the experience. The thing I enjoyed the most is growth opportunity, fast pace and working with colleagues from different countries. Love the diversity. Back then I was working in the Malaysian branch, while most main functions are centralised in Brazil. I wanted to learn from the other departments as well, such as tech, marketing etc. When looking for a job upon graduation, I was applying for positions in Malaysian startups and Supahands ticked all the boxes, plus they were willing to give me a shot. Three years in and I have not looked back since!

What is a typical day like for you at Supahands?  

Reaching out to prospective clients, collaborate with other teams to come up with solutions for client projects, explore new business opportunities in different markets and industries, help my team members in learning and dealing with clients.

Tell us three things that no one knows (you think people should know) about you? 

Well, some people may already know…

  1. I actually went to university twice, failed the first time doing an engineering degree and didn’t graduate.
  2. I worked as a barista for 2 years and was able to pour coffee with latte art (my favourite is rosetta).
  3. I was an avid stamp collector as a kid might have sparked my passion for travelling growing up.
Steve is an avid marathon runner too!

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here?

In the beginning, I didn’t know if I’ll be a good fit for a business development role as I have no experience doing B2B sales. The turning point came after about 2 months, I vividly remember how good it felt to understand our clients’ problems and interacting with them following one of our calls with them.

“It was at that moment I felt I could do this for a living.”

I got to know quite a lot of colleagues earlier on from different countries as well, the diversity never ceases to amaze me even to this day. There’s just so much to learn from each other here. Also, the growth mindset is another amazing force that keeps me on my toes. 

“Everyone needs to learn and upskill since we’re constantly evolving.”

What were some of the most memorable moments (moment), if any? Or the best day at work 

When I received a conference pass to MOVE conference in London from Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac electric vehicle company. MOVE is a mobility conference with a heavy focus on autonomous vehicles, so I thought Supahands could get a lot of value from it by attending it. Being a startup, our budget is constrained so paying for the conference pass would be very difficult. I reached out to Mate, who is a speaker, asking if he has any extra conference pass that he could share, to which he said yes! I went to the conference and managed to thank him personally.  (Read about the four things that Steve learnt from MOVE, London here!

Steve & Mate Rimac at MOVE Conference. 

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Business Development can be daunting and discouraging sometimes, especially when you get a lot of rejections and contacts not replying to emails, calls, text message etc on a regular basis. Certain times I will have a lot of self-doubt about my ability to bring in clients and revenue. Rejection can sometimes take a toll on you psychologically too, especially if you experience it daily. So it’s just a matter of adapting your mindset to that. 

And how did you overcome them? 

I received a great piece of advice which is “good days, bad days, keep going”. This has helped me a lot as ups and downs are inevitable in a Business Development role and startups in general. 

“I tend to think about chaos as the steady state so when problems or issues arise, they don’t catch me by surprise. As I already am expecting problems so I’m able to deal with it calmly.”

What drives you to work daily?

Growth opportunities and amazing people. As a startup, we always strive for high growth or else we would die. In order for this to happen, I have to grow myself along with the company. This keeps me excited about the future prospects of how much we can achieve. A lot of what I know now about our clients, business and services I had completely no idea merely a year ago. The Supahands team is made up of creative, diverse, ambitious people. We push each other to be better every day, through problem solving, knowledge sharing and most all having fun.

What advice would you give someone who’s interested in taking on a BD role at Supahands? 

“Be curious about other people in general.”

It’s a role with high growth opportunity if you’re willing to constantly learn new skills. Also, perseverance is very important when dealing with adversity. Never be afraid of asking! Case in point, my free MOVE ticket!

SupaHeroes is a series of monthly write-ups featuring the very people behind Supahands, giving you a glimpse of each unique individual, their stories, their SupaJourney and what they do!


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