SupaAgent Spotlight – SupaVersatile Chrisna (August 2019)

SupaAgent Spotlight of August goes to Chrisna, a dedicated homemaker and passionate traveller.

Chrisna is originally a career woman from Indonesia. She started her working life in the Sales & Operations Team at one of Indonesia’s retail companies for 10 years. Notably, she was also a part of CISV, an international organization dedicated to educating and inspiring for peace through building intercultural friendship, cooperation and understanding.

Chrisna and her husband on holiday in Japan

“ I liked CISV International’s mission and I could see how the children who joined the activities of this organization turned into a better person” 

Chrisna’s decision to join CISV was driven by her passion for their mission to help children. She saw firsthand how the children who joined in the activities of CISV improved as people over time and this continuous improvement resonated with her. Between work and CISV, Chrisna was kept busy in Indonesia. 

In late 2017, she moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She moved to follow her husband who works as a software developer here. Her life changed dramatically when she moved, in particular because she became a homemaker and no longer had a daily job to go to. This meant that her life slowed down and she had more leisure time. In addition, CISV is not available in Kuala Lumpur which meant she had even more free time. In Kuala Lumpur, Chrisna committed to becoming a good homemaker, doing the family chores and other do-it-yourself projects around the house. 

Chrisna’s ultimate passion is travelling. Her previous job in Operations in Indonesia gave her several opportunities to travel to various different cities in Indonesia, such as Surabaya, Medan and Bali. She also enjoys travelling overseas with her family and friends. Her most memorable trip was to Japan for her honeymoon. Her work with CISV International also allowed her to travel to Morains, France and provided her with the opportunity to see life from a different perspective.  

“I always take the time to explore the city”

Chrisna during her travels in France

Becoming a SupaAgent 

Her SupaAgent journey began when she was looking for a freelance job online. As a homemaker Chrisna wanted a job to keep her occupied when she wasn’t doing housework. The SupaAgent job appeared as an option on one of the job portal websites. Chrisna was drawn to the option of becoming a SupaAgent because of the swift and smooth application process and easy option to receive her income, via an Indonesian bank account. Thus, Chrisna applied to be a SupaAgent. She successfully passed the SupaAgent Assessment after her second try.

Chrisna has now been a SupaAgent for 4 months since 12th April, 2019. Since getting her first project as a SupaAgent, it has been easier for her to join other projects. She is driven to work on SupaAgent projects because it keeps her active and gives her a source of income as a homemaker. It has been a challenge for Chrisna to find a full time job in Kuala Lumpur due to her visa status. Thus, her SupaAgent job gives her the opportunity to keep working and generating income while adjusting to her new life in Kuala Lumpur . 

As a SupaAgent she is also given the opportunity to work in a global team and learn new skills. For instance, she has learnt about the type of fashion items available from project tagging. Being a SupaAgent is a fantastic learning opportunity. 

“The SupaAgent job is trustworthy and not a scam” 

Chrisna with her friends

Chrisna has had an enjoyable experience working alongside the Business Operations (BizOps) Managers at Supahands as a SupaAgent. In particular, our BizOps Manager, Darshini, who gave her her first project. She is also grateful to Emma, Mashroora and Sunnie who are her current BizOps Managers. Chrisna recognises their efforts in maintaining the progress of projects and their diligence in answering queries on Slack. We are proud of our kind and supportive Business Operations Managers! 

As Chrisna is still a relatively new SupaAgent, having only joined in April this year, she hasn’t had the chance to make SupaAgent friends yet but she is hopeful to make some in the near future. 

In her time outside SupaAgent projects, she’s usually managing her household, watching movies or trying to do some exercises. Chrisna has a lot of hobbies as well, including reading novels, watching movies, Paint by Numbers activity and exercising to keep fit. 

If Chrisna could teleport anywhere in the universe, she would go for places with beautiful views like Sumba and Derawan Islands in Indonesia. Alternatively, she’d also teleport to European countries like Iceland, Greece and Czech Republic. 

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”

-Theodore Roosevelt 

To conclude, Chrisna parts her life philosophy, which is to accept that life does not always go as planned. Blessings from God don’t always come in the form of happiness, sometimes they come in the form of loss to teach us to learn to be more grateful for what we have now and for what we have had in the past. This is in alignment with her favourite quote by Roosevelt as above. Chrisna is a positive light, with the strong belief that everything comes to us for a reason.  

Come be a part of our SupaAgent community and experience what Chrisna loves about being one of us, click here to submit an application today! 


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