5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Working Online

In our community, balancing a full-time job while working online as a SupaAgent comes as naturally as breathing. But to start gig-working while having a traditional job can be daunting. Discipline, passion, dedication and patience are crucial for success. Here is a list of lessons that some of our SupaAgents had wished they had known when they first started balancing full-time jobs and gig work:

1. Working extra hours online is not a walk in the park

Overworking is actually really common amongst digital gig worker

It’s true that working online has wonderful perks – no commuting, flexible schedules, unlimited earning potential etc. Working anywhere at any time sounds like the greatest deal! But overworking is actually really common amongst digital gig workers because it can be easy to forget about taking care of one’s own well-being in the pursuit of the next income boost. Taking out a few hours during the day or late at night to make a side income online on top of a full-time job can put your health and social life in jeopardy. Bear in mind that the virtual world never sleeps. So it’s important to keep yourself in check. You don’t want to become a screen-facing, sleep-deprived zombie!

2. Don’t take your Internet connectivity for granted

Being a digital gig worker means that your work productivity and quality is highly dependent on your internet connectivity. Having a safe, speedy and reliable internet is crucial to your online success. Besides that, without a reliable internet connection, you risk losing work opportunities that come by the minute or second. Additionally, you may miss out on important updates and notifications regarding your current projects, jeopardising the quality of your work. If you’re taking online work seriously, you will want to compare and evaluate the internet services or plans you subscribe to.

3. Seek out healthy online communities you can grow with

Our community of SupaAgents often surprises us with their empathy and the support they have for each other.

While the digital world does have its fair share of scams, untruthful people and other dangers, there is also a great deal of platforms providing legitimate online work and online communities promoting a healthy virtual working environment.

Our community of SupaAgents often surprises us with their empathy and the support they have for each other. Many of our SupaAgents are more than willing to inform and advise when a question is posted in the community chat. Seeing them support each other reminds us why we value it so much. We also admire how SupaAgent Laura extended the warmth she received as a SupaAgent to her community of single mothers.

4. Perseverance is key

Digitization has sped up many things in recent years, however, not everything in the virtual world happens instantaneously. Online work requires just as much hard work, commitment, and patience as traditional work, if not more. Building up an online portfolio takes time and effort. Seeking and getting jobs takes perseverance. And even payments can sometimes still be subject to banking timelines.

5. Communicate, communicate, communicate!

How you use different tools to communicate with others online affects your overall working experience.

When working online, communication with your manager, team or clients can’t be stressed enough! There are plenty of tools to help us stay connected, and how you use them to communicate with others online affects your overall working experience. If you are just getting started in the world of virtual work, you’ll be surprised at how much we rely on things like body language to understand others. Fret not if you’re unfamiliar with this working style, as it can be learned. For inspiration, read about SupaAgent Aiza who says her communication skills have improved since becoming a part of our multinational workforce.

These are the most common things that our SupaAgents have said they wished they had known before starting gig work on top of a 9-5 job. We’ve found that the ones who have the most success balancing their main hustle with their side hustle are always mindful of these 5 lessons, and we hope they’re helpful for you too!


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