SupaAgent Spotlight – SupaLively Brandon (September 2019)

September’s SupaAgent Spotlight goes to Brandon, who originates from The “Land Below The Wind” i.e.  Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in Malaysia. Brandon is a student, currently in his third year of college. He is  pursuing a degree in Communications at SEGi College, Kuching, Sarawak. Being an only child, Brandon cherishes his parents deeply.

Brandon has a huge passion for volunteering. When he moved to Kuching, he volunteered for a non-profit organisation. He has volunteered at festivals such as “What about Kuching” and “Kuching Marathon”. Despite his busy schedule with his studies and being a SupaAgent, Brandon finds merit in volunteering because of the valuable life skills that he’s able to gain from the experience.

“I love adventures”

SupaAgent Journey 

Brandon has been a SupaAgent for 10 months now. He stumbled upon the SupaAgent role on a job board website. Having no knowledge of what Supahands is or what a SupaAgent was at that moment in time, he did a quick Google Search to learn more about what a SupaAgent does.

He was initially drawn to becoming a SupaAgent because of the flexibility that the role afforded him. The SupaAgent job allowed for Brandon to work at whatever time and wherever he is. No matter if he is back in his hometown, at college, in his hostel, or out and about, he is still able to do work. Another big attraction to becoming a SupaAgent for Brandon was especially being a student, it was not feasible for him to get part-time/full-time employment. It also helped that Brandon became a night owl since starting college, allowing him to work on SupaAgent projects through the night.

SupaAgent Brandon’s work desk

Brandon is consistently working on SupaAgent projects because it provides him with extra income as a college student. The money that he earns from projects goes mainly towards his food expenses and to fund his occasional trips to Kuala Lumpur for some of his classes. 

Working as a SupaAgent has further, fueled Brandon’s interest in the AI industry. He is now keen to learn more about the AI industry. He is especially fascinated with how Supahands clients use data to help train AI. Brandon has been involved in a range of projects, amongst them being Image Annotation, Data Entry, Data Verification and Content Moderation. An added benefit for Brandon is that because the SupaAgent projects are always interesting and exciting, he sees it as a fun game (with serious work) where he can earn money.

“I get to connect and meet new people from all over the world, especially in the South-East Asia region” 

He is always ready to lend a helping hand to fellow SupaAgents if they need help with projects or who just need a question answered in the Slack channels (where our SupaAgents communicate).  Brandon also thoroughly enjoys working with our BizOps Managers. In particular, he is very grateful to Emma, Qistina, Darshini and Sunnie. He is very appreciative that our BizOps Managers are always on hand to provide support even after office hours, in the late hours of the night.

Other pursuits 

When he isn’t working on a project, Brandon is diligently finding other ways to earn extra income. How inspiring! He is also keen on surfing the internet and gaining knowledge through researching online. Brandon is a busy bee, always keeping active and occupied so that life is never dull or boring. 

Aside from his studies, Brandon also has a passion for musicals, especially “Dear Evan Hansen” and “Hairspray”. A source of strength and support for him are his best friends from high school. They have been there for him throughout both the good and bad times. Brandon treasures his old friends and new-found friends in college. To him, friendships are truly irreplaceable. 

If he could teleport to anywhere in the universe, Brandon would choose to go to historic London. He has always had an affinity with London because of his relatives who live there and he wants to see all the attractions and sights London has to offer. Brandon has always loved to travel to experience new cultures and hopes to be able to do more travelling in the future.

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail”

Brandon is consistently trying his very best to plan his time effectively and efficiently to ensure his life is organised. However Brandon balances his organisation by being aware that because life is unpredictable, he must be flexible as well because anything could happen at any time. 

Come be a part of our SupaAgent community and experience what Brandon loves about being one of us. Click here to submit an application today!


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